Credit Education Group/First Choice
CEG Credit Education Group / First Choice This gutter run company has brought new meaning to the word "Rape". Violating at will, this spineless organization has no place in society. This is plain sick

This couldn't have come at a worst time for me. These people have some nerve. Yeah they got me for $296.00. I recieved the call around April 8th from a girl who introduced herself to me as Gleimour Robles.

I had been filing out credit card applications around that time. I assumed they were one of the company's representing visa and mastercard.

She had me verify that I was me and then she proceeded to explain to me that I had met all of the requirements for there secured credit card. I was thinkin wow somebody's gonna give me one. Wahooooooo! (Knowin I have bad credit).

She lets me know that there will be a one time security deposit/activation fee of $296. This $296 then starts collecting interest and is made available after 6 months.

In addition, every 6 months my account would be reviewed. An opportunity to add up to $500 on top of the existing balance would present itself provided atleast the minimum payment every month.

This girl had me licken my chops at the sound of this juicy deal. She sounded so sweet and cute. She passed me over to a man named Micheal Young. This weisel sealed the deal with me signing a check by voice over the phone.

They got there money on april 17th. I think all is well. They got theirs, not to long before I get mine(right)? Some how I stretched the little bit of money I had left. Being patient, I waited until the 19th or 20th day and placed the call to the 1-866-310-0695 number.

Now talking to this lady was a real treat let me tell you. I couldn't get a straight answer out of her whether or not the card had been sent or a date of when if it had allready been shipped. She did some typing and said "The package will be there soon"

That was that, I continued to wait patiently. I had everything lined out on what I needed to accomplish as soon as the card arrived. I made the same phone call a couple days later and got the same lady. She tells me that it would be delivered by this weekend. May 16 "The Package" finally arrived.

I open it up. Shaking and feeling around in the box for the card that I had ordered. I pull out the c.d. and the credit 101 book. I then decided to run a search on the C.E.G. and in big red letters it says ripoff.

I've heard of people gettin ripped off over the phone by con men/women, these slimy individuals prey on kind, trusting, needy people. They show no remorse, no mercy as they steal the food right out of the children's mouths of the parents they happily robbed.

Offender: Credit Education Group/First Choice
Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: LAS VEGAS
Address: 10624 S. EASTERN AVE STE A-435
Phone: 8663100695

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