Option One Mortgage Co
Ripoff, deceptive charges, rude service deceptive company

I hope that anyone reading these reports believes that everyone one of them is true, and you'd do yourself a favor to look elsewhere for a mortgage/loan. Please read the whole report, because there are many problems with this company.

The FIRST problem is we have been having problems with Option One Mortgage for yrs now. It might seem petty but when your involved with this company -its a nightmare. We went to their website and tried to get a payoff figure, we entered all info requested and they responded they would mail it to us. In a few weeks we did receive it, no problems right? wrong, we get our next statement and there's a charge of $24.95 on it besides our mortgage amt. So we called and asked customer service rep. what this was only to be told its for the payoff figures we requested online.

We did and have many times now, explained that the website doesn't say there is a fee for this service, only to be told basically "you requested it, we supplied it, you owe us". No matter how many company reps. in various depts. we have spoken to. no one will remove this charge - they won't even check the website to verify that it doesn't say that they charge for this service.

Today I called again, same routine except for now they respond with "If you read the BACK of your statement/bill it states we charge for this service - I asked them why would I read the BACK of a statement when all the info needed is on the front,only to be told "others do, and you owe us this money".

The reps are usually rude, nasty to clients, uncooperative-especially if you ask to speak to a supervisor and what is their name type questions - you get "I don't know" responses. We also have had the problem of phone calls from them looking for payments even though our payments have been on time, every month for 3 yrs. straight, even when we call in the payments on the 15th we get a hard time from the reps and a lecture of "you know your mortgage is due on the 1st of the month". (IF YOU DECIDE to use OOMC.com after all these reports-a word of advice ALWAYS do a check by phone or debit/charge card payment so they can't lose the check.)

We have never had a late payment with them and yet this is how they treat hard working, honest people.
We also have a problem with them trying while tryng to refinance we were told at the first closing that at the end of our term of 3 yrs we could refinance at a lower rate, when we called to find out more about this and what kind of rate we could expect if we refinanced with them, we were told our rate will NEVER go below our sign on rate with them, they said it was in the small print, so now we are stuck at a high rate and with the knowledge that it will ONLY GO UP in time.

Please don't ever do business with this company if at all possible - they are, as many have put it - the company from hell.

Offender: Option One Mortgage Co
Country: USA   State: California   City: Irvine
Address: 3 Ada St

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