South East Financial (aka) Bargain Hunters Club USA LLC
South East Financial (aka) Bargain Hunters USA Club USA LLC ripoff

In February of 2003 I received several phone calls guarantee me a credit limit totaling 2,500. A $1,500. Visa card and A $1,000. Master card guaranteed they said. They requested a one time fee of $229. and I authorized it.

The money was withdrawn from my account and after 9 wks I finally got a package of papers via UPS (mega junk mail) not a credit card but instead another 1-800# to call and apply for the credit cards. First Premier Bank who said they had never heard of Bargain Hunters USA and they're probably a scam. I then called back BHC (usa) and the person on the phone told me OOOO your not suppose to mention our name to the operator only the higher ups know who you are and your credit line is guaranteed through them. I asked who they where and she said management at the bank. This is when I realized I had been ripped off. Words cannot explain the what I wanted to yell at the people.

I called Southeast Financial the people that I authorized to withdraw the funds and still got the run around. I complained to them that at no time in the telephone conversation while I asked numerous questions did they inform me of a third or fourth party and they certainly did not mention anything called Bargain Hunters (usa)or I never would have authorized such a transaction.

Their response was basically I received my monthly bank statement showing the withdrawal back in March way before the ninth week. After realizing that I had been ripped off I called my bank (Provident)to see if I could stop payment the withdrawal and was informed that they could not do so (Provident) Yes I'm putting them all out in the open.

I am so frustrated and would like revenge on these companies. Please if any one has any pertinent information such as the address/phone number etc. of these companies pass it on for myself and others list it on this site maybe we can put them out of business hopefully.

Offender: South East Financial (aka) Bargain Hunters Club USA LLC
Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: Sparks
Address: 1970 Hymer
Phone: 1885566562

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