Finger Hut
Ripoff by putting cancelled bills in the Credit B"s for years and ruin your credit! and can get away with it! South Dekoda

Calls I have made to Fingerhut.

3/12/03: Monday: 5:30 p.m.: Numbers called -1-800-900-4111 *No help, they told me to call the next number,
-1-800-708-2500 * No help, They told me to call the next number-1-800-233-3588 *No help, They told me to call the next number-1-800-728-2500 *No help They told me to call the next number-1-800-325-6161 * No answer

I asked to talk to a manager, but they would not let me. They told me Managers dont talk to customers. Probably because they knew, that we are not a customer of theirs.

3/12/03: Tuesday: 9:25 a.m.: Numbers Called-1-800-325-6161 * A new # No Help This lady told me to call this new number and RJM letters to this new person this afternoon when the lady comes hers so I can
sign the loan papers. Call 1 at, 2:04 P.M. (I was on hold for 6 minutes.) -1-800-886-0026 * they hung up!
Call 2 at 2:07 P.M. (I called back)-1-800-886-0026

The first thing this Lady wanted was our account number. I told her if I had an account number we would have known
about this bill! And that the letters RJM was on that account that Sheryl (Loan Person) had.

I had told this Lady about us not ordering from there, and The Finger Hut lady said that This order was made in 1998, at this address, with Brents name and Social Security Number. It was for $108.00 for Fingerhut towels! No way would
anyone in their right mind order towels for $108.00. I asked why if we had ordered that stuff, why havent we ever got any towels or even a bill! They didnt have an answer. I also told her that this place was under construction in 1999-2000, and
we this road did not exist until 99-00!

They wanted me to give Brents Social Security Number to them. I wouldnt do that, I told them I wanted to get the
Number they had. They did and it was his number!
I told them that every time we apply for a loan that they are in there, and this is how we find out about them.

I told them that there is someone out there using Brents SS number and his name. Because we have had the same thing happen with some credit card. Even when we had our attorney take care of that problem, they sold that bill to another company, which tried to get us again. Our attorney sent another more threaten letter.

I told them that I had written a letter to Fingerhut, and it was not a nice letter, with a copy to our attorney. After telling her all that, She then told me that this account has been canceled in 98 because of a non-delivery. Of course!

I asked her why then was it still in our credit bill then, because when we bought this place we had to pay off all our bills from the credit Companies. Then she said, With technology today they could catch everyone. I think they just buy a name and use that name to get money owed from lost merchandise. So I asked why they didnt take that out of the credit Beau in 1998.

This bill has been making our credit bad now since 1998! This is when she had told me that they were going to delete this from the files and credit Beau, but it will take 24-48 hours. This was on our credit reports for the last 6 years! It has been making it hard for us to get any loans . And it also makes our intrest very high when or if we get approved.

I don't think that it is right for them to keep a bill for so long into the Credit B, when it has been cancelled for 6 years. I hope that you can do something about this. I wonder how many orther people are out ther going through this, or don't even know they have finger Hut in their credit reports.

5/15/2003 9:15:28 AM:

I am calling my Attorney about this matter. If this has been closed since 1998, and it is still showing up in the credit beau, it is
making it a harder for us to try and get a loan because of the entry date. It just sounds a little fishy to me. Especially after we
had paid off the Credit Bureaus when we bought this house. I am going to see what Andy Rogdness, our Attorney says.

He told me to come here to FTC.
Thank you for your time.
Beverly and Brent Stevenson
White Pigeon, Michigan

White Pigeon, Michigan

Offender: Finger Hut
Country: USA   State: South Dakota   City: Sioux Falls
Address: Axsys National Bank P.O. Box 5033
Phone: 8008860026

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