CIC Credit Monitoring Service
Ripoff fradulent biling, caused overdraft of account victimized many consumers ripoff fraud business

didn't even order services. they charged my card the $70.95 for the service, which i did get back after a lot of problems.

this unauthorized charge caused overdrafts on my bank account of $120 on purchases i had made before the knowledge of this charge.

now, the bank has closed my account, saying that legally, it is the company's resposiblity to refund the money for the overdraft fees, but i can't contact the company to get the money back.

now both of my bank accounts have been closed because of this cause i didn't have the money to put it back. the bank withdrew the money from my savings to make up for the overdrawn check acct. and now both are closed!!

i'm pissed! this money was supposed to go to my wedding, which is in just a month!!

Offender: CIC Credit Monitoring Service
Country: USA   State: California   City: Orange
Phone: 8775134175

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