Ocwen Federal Bank
FSB ripoff corruption

The satanic Ocwen is facing a lot of legal fees nowadays, more than ever before. This is good for us, victims, seeing the monster weaked under so many lawyers, and under this publicity (al last!)

In the meantime, Mr. Kweku Hanson is fighting for all of us in Hartford on daily basis, literally. His fight takes persistence and no dismay. Let's send them our affidavits and docs. Let's pray for him. Mr Hanson wants no money. He wants Justice/Ocwen out, since there is no justice if Ocwnen is allowed to continue its vile existence.

I believe Ocwen Fall is near. I'll live to see you down Ocwen, Monster, Thief! No matter what, ..I'll see you down Disgusting, Criminal Ocwen! We, the humilliated people of USA, will see your fall, since there is no point in living in our country with institutions like you. Not even the people of India deserves to live with you, Ocwen!

Let's pray for the fall of this demon. Let's pray not only for us and our families, but for all and each victim of Predatory Lending.

2003 will end our nightmare! I'm convinced.

Never afraid.

Offender: Ocwen Federal Bank
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Orlando
Address: 12650 Ingenuity Drive

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