Emerge Mastercard - Compucredit Corp.
Unethical illegal business practices at emerge compucredit

emerge Mastercard, which is a subsidiary of Compucredit Corp. of Atlanta is everything that previous reporters have mention plus more. I have been trying for two months to obtain relief from emerge under the Soldiers Sailors Civil Relief Act ("SSCRA")as an activated member of the Army Reserve. Basically, the SSCRA reduces the interest rate on consumer debts to 6% and eliminates fees during periods of active duty for reservists.

emerge/Compucredit has been trying to wear me down by asking for more explanations and documents than are necessary and then pleading ignorant about what I am entitled to, and finally by denying that I am entitled to anything. Eight other creditors of mine have had no problems with promptly granting me the relief I am entitled to. Only emerge/compucredit has the distinction of denying an activated reservist the benefits of federal legislation that has helped millions of activated soldiers manage the financial burden of being called to active duty in defense of their country.

On May 12, 2003 I called emerge to get the name and address of the president of the corporation and was told by "Tim" in their call center that they do not give out information like that. I would think that that any reputable corporation would be proud to let a consumer know how to contact the leadership of the corporation. It seems that emerge/compuserve does not share this sense of pride in their management and openess in their dealings with the public.

For those of you that are interested, emerge is a subsidiary of Compucredit Corporation. You should check out their website, www.compucredit.com to see what they are about. You should also know who to contact to resolve your complaints with emerge.

Chief Financial Officer: Ashley L. Johnson
Chairman and Chief Executive: David G. Hanna
President: Richard R. House, Jr.
Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer: Richard W. Gilbert
Secretary Rohit H. Kriplani

Compucredit Corporation
245 Perimeter Center Parkway
Suite 600
Atlanta, Georgia 30346


Good luck with resolving you complaints about emerge/providian/compucredit.

Offender: Emerge Mastercard - Compucredit Corp.
Country: USA   State: Georgia   City: Atlanta
Address: 245 Perimeter Center Parkway, Suite 600
Phone: 7702066200

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