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Yeah I was taken. They called me up at work in the middle of the day. I was busy and in a hurry but the lady on the phone said that they wanted to help me rebuild my credit. Since my credit is lousy I thought hey why not, what could it hurt. So I answered all her prequal questions, you know: Do you make over $1000 a month, been at your present job for more than six months, so on so forth. She then said congrats you qualify and this is what we need to get your new card in the mail today. She asked for $297 which I could easily give to her via check over the phone. Of course this whole time I'm thinking WOW how convient and easy this is. Yup hook, line and of course the sinker.

It wasn't until a few days later when I received another call from the same company asking me for the exact same data. When I mentioned that I had already done this a couple days ago she said no that that was not possible then transferred me to her supervisor who asked if I had done the recording and all that. I said yes I had and he then proceeded to tell that I would need to do it again and they would recredit me checking acount with the original $297 and then debit it for this $297. That is when I woke up and relized I was being scammed. I asked him why I had to redo everything and he then hung up.

I called the number they gave me the first time and of course it just rang and rang. I then went online and typed in the company name which brought me here. After reading a couple reports I called my bank and put in a reversal on the charges. Time and frustration will tell if I ever get me money back. A really expensive leason!!!

Offender: Credit Education Group
Country: USA   State: Nationwide
Address: Nationwide
Phone: 8663100695

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