Oakwood Acceptance Corporation
Ripoff- Deutsche Financial Capital- Accenct Mobile Homes in Johnson City, TN abused & mistreated

This is disgusting.... We traded a single wide in and were promised septic, water and such... we recieved nothing and they tried to charge us 500.00 for delivering. We were left for a yr and a half without necessities...could not get a loan because the mobile home dealer adviced us to file bankrupt before we purchased.. after being released to come see them and they would "HOOK" us up with everything we needed.

I was pregnant and had a five year old daughter at the time. They set the doublewide up in my husband's grandfather's tobacco field and never returned to do any repairs. Our landlord had already rented out our previous lot, so the notice we gave was up and we had to move into the doublewide the way it was. We did not have any money for anything. They new this and told us at the last minute they would not give us the septic water and so on unless we turned over the property deed.. which his grandparents were not about to do...We told them to come and get the house and this was back in 1998.. we have since been hounded by these people.. they ruined our credit, not only by advicing us to file bankrupt, but also by putting this house on our credit as a foreclosure...

we finally got around it and recently purchased a REAL home through a REAL financer....WITHOUT THANKS TO OAKWOOD THE SCREW YOU OVER BANK...the mobile home sales park sold us a Pioneer, by oakwood financed... the sales park filed bankrupty years ago and left us holding the bag with oakwood... NOT OUR PROBLEM.... now we are being told there is nothing we can do because they were only the financers... well not our problem again.... This is a very long and detailed problem...now they say that we have to pay .... well that is all we have ever done since being in contact with Oakwood Acceptance... we have also been told that we only had 3 yrs to file judgement against them... we have been trying to find help since 1998 without success... we have ignored the problem hoping it would go away because no one will help us and we can not afford legal assistance and we make too mush to get government legal services... although it is check to check and week to week... we still seem to make too much.

Offender: Oakwood Acceptance Corporation
Country: USA   State: South Carolina   City: GREENVILLE

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