Freedom Resource Inc.
AKA Lenox Capital ripoff scam dirt bags abused & mistreated consumer fraud waste of time screwed others too tricked and lied to us

I recived a call in early January from Brandon Groce from Freedom Resource he told me that i was preaproved for a Master Card. With a limit of $2500.00 and all i had to do was pay a one time members fee of $221.95. To make the deal better they were going to give me coupons and all this other good stuff to get discounts for all this other stuff. When he had sold me on it he transfered me to and another rep and she took all the information to take my money from my banking account. After that they played a disclaimer telling me that it wasn't a Matser Card and that it was a prepaid catalog card to order stuff from and it wasn't a credit card.

On January 21, 2003 four days before my draft date i called and cancelled it and i spoke to Gloria and she said that it was cancelled. On January 27, 2003 the debit date my bank was having computer problems and their was no debit but on the 22, they still took my $221.95.

I called and talked to Gloria agian and she said it shouldn't have happened and they would return my money. She also told me that on the 24th they updated every thing and the debit from my account should have been stoped. Gloria said that i needed to fax them evidence that they took the money.

I called my bank and told they i had an unauthorized debit which Gloria told me to do. Two weeks later my bank sends me a letter with a copy of a check they made with my name acc# and everything on it and sent to my bank which i have a copy of and said that it was attorized by me wich it wasn't. I fax them a copy of the Check and think every thing is taken care of i'm going to get my money.

So i'm expecting a check in the mail and a month later i recive a letter in the mail. It was a (REFUND POLICY AND FORM FOR FREEDOM RESOURCE) this made me mad i was told that i was going to recive my check and this was not my Check. So i called Freedom and talked to Natali (a complete and total bitch with an attitude) she said that i wasn't told i was going to get my check and that i had to fill out the form and send it back. I asked to talk to Gloria and Natali told me that she was fired. So i asked for a manager and i was told that they didn't get in untill 11:00 A.M. so i asked for one of the managers to call me no one ever called me back. i UPSed it to them at the address they gave me. I tracked the package and they recived it on March 4, 2003 and someone named Isec signed for it. Today being May 9, 2003 i still haven't got my money back and when i call them @ (678) 239-0133 i get nothing but silence for 2 min. Then it hangs up and their fax number they gave me is diconected now. I have been lied to and have had my money stolen.

Offender: Freedom Resource Inc.
Country: USA   State: Georgia   City: Woodstock,
Address: 1025 Rose Creek Drive, Suite 620-387
Phone: 6782390133

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