Global Finacial
Deceptive Ripoff isn't good enough

We were deceived like many others and thought our hands were tied and couldn't get our money back! We played their waiting game and thank goodness came to our senses. I happened to go to the and typed in the phone number and up popped Ripoff and all the persons that had been smart enough to report their bad misfortunes before us.

I immediately began reading all the possitive reports of how they got their money back and came up with a long list of who, what, where to get my money back and did some local reporting of this crime that was in progress. And basically found out that if I dialed 480-785-2262 !st American Processing and talked to anyone there that I could get our money back.

I had also called my bank and told them about the situation and we disputed the transaction as an illegal withdrawal, and they did a reversal on our checking account, our money was returned with in a few days. The trick is that Global Financial wants you to wait up to 60 days, in which most banks will not be able to do a reversal on your account.

So if your one of the lucky ones that is still under the 60 days. Call your bank or credit card company NOW! and get that reversed. I'm not sure what to say about you that have waited to long other than get a lawyer or take these people to small claims court.

Other Alias are: Lenox Capital, Freedom Financial,Global Financial Resources. All share the same customer service center 678-239-0133 1365 Fairgrounds St. Marietta, Ga. Please if you have been ripped off take action today, let these people know that you are on to their game and won't let them spend your hard earned money.

They are smart enough to rip you off, then they are smart enough to get a real job and make just as much money using their skills legally. I hope this helps someone to get their point across, we may have been deceived, but we aren't stupid enough to let them keep our money.

Offender: Global Finacial
Country: USA   State: Georgia   City: Atlanta
Address: 2625 Piedmont Rd. Atlanta, Ga. 30824
Phone: 8664114466

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