Homeside Lending Inc
Steals home from police officer abused & mistreated family


I was accused of missing a payment by mortgage company. Homeside Lending then threatened to foreclose and placed ad in local newspaper listing my home for sale. I then had to pack up my wife and two small children and move out. I went to court and the Judge ruled that HSL accounting department made a mistake. It has been over one year ago that this has been dragged out by HSL at our expense.


Re: Why not read: Vilolation of Civil Liberties
Date: Apr 13 2003 4:31p


I thank you for your quick response to my email to your office regarding " Vilolation of Civil Liberties" and concern in regards to my email explaining how Homeside Lending ( a multi-billion dollar mortgage corporation has muscled me, my wife and two young children out of our Virginia Home leaving us ineffect HOMELESS.

I am a USAF veteran, a Police Officer and I fight for what I believe in and I don't believe in how corporate america can and has used their finanacial prowess to cheat hard working people out there life savings, homes and children college money.

YES! I wage this campaign to free up my home so that I can move back in and enjoy freedoms that I know that I deserve and worked very, very hard for.

If you can not help me don't disregard my plight- refer me to someone who can...I would appreciate it.


Clyde & Family

Offender: Homeside Lending Inc
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Jacksonville
Address: PO Box 40869
Phone: 8004357587

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