Credit Education Group
Ripoff fake con artist North Little Rock

Ok... Found this site. Thanx. I hope I can stop this one on time. I called the bank. They will put a stop payment on anything coming through at $296.00- $298.00.
I will contact the BBB. I have contacted the police but since no money has been withdrawn I am not considered yet a victim. The old statement if it sounds too good to be true... it is. I feel so stupid about this but I am trying to rebuild my credit. These are the people this organization prey upon.

Here are some listings I came up with through the Better Business Bureau in MN. I went to
Searched Credit Education Group Did not show listing.
Clicked under national database. Came up with these responses...

Credit Education Group
6929 JFK Blvd. 20-294
N. Little Rock, AR
Source One Credit Solutions
(Credit Ed. Group)
10624 S. Eastern Ave #435
Henderson, NV
Guess what?

I work 2 jobs and I am a single dad of 2 boys.
It means I earn my money. These people are thieves.
Any help from any of you who have had this experiance should be collected and sent to the BBB or maybe the FBI.
I think I have paid my dues in life and I got scammed.
I won't stop at just getting my money back. I will do everything in my power (legally) to bring these people down. I believe in justice. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Don't "beat yourself up" about it. It's a scam and it preys on innocent people. You can do something about it. Contact the police, your bank, the Better Business Bureau, your city hall, your district representitives. Get the information out that people are getting scammed and ripped off. Don't stop calling different authorities. Be persistant. Don't let this happen to others.

Thanks to this website this is a step in stopping these criminal activities. I know I can't sign my name or email. But I would like to know how people in our same situation can contact each other in some way or maybe through the help of this sites' server... to band together and stop this criminal activity from happening to others. I want people to know that the blisters on my fingers come from hard labor earning money to support my American ways and not from aouto-dialing innocent victims on the phone to rip them off of their hard earned money.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Offender: Credit Education Group
Country: USA   State: Arkansas   City: N. Little Rock
Address: 6929 JFK Blvd 20-294 N. Little Rock, AR
Phone: 8663100695

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