Lies to another person and wants to forclose a predatory lender that is a shame to the way the financial institutions are ran

I am posting this on here because of Ocwen bank and their deceptive collection practices. I am also a victim of Ocwen Bank (or should I say about to be).

I made a a verbal arrangement to get my loan caught up on may 2 2003 in the morning with a collector named Victor. I was to give a certain amount by May 9th 2003 and the rest would be included into my payments over the next 12 months. Then on Saturday around 1pm in the afternoon I received a phone call from a gentleman named Rafael Martinez who said he was the legal department and stated that he was not going to accept the agreement that Victor and I worked out. I asked how that could be and he stated "sir did you not understand me I am the legal department and I can do what I want" I tried to plead with this man but he was very arrogant and rude. I asked how can you change what you already agreed upon again and he said if you want MR. you can call back on Monday.

So of course I called 9 times Monday and was transfered to everyone but him until the last call and of course he was not in I got his voice mail which stated he is not a legal attorney. I left a voice message and my number But I did not get a return call. I tried to contact Victor also but was told that he can not talk to me anymore because Rafael is handling my account, I said ok can I speak with a manager and was told sorry Rafael Martinez is the only person.

So I made arrangements to save my home in the morning of the 2nd of May and on the 3rd of May they said no way we are going to foreclose on your house. I am writing to the news papers news stations and my congressman also. So the bottom line to me is that Ocwen is a predatory lender that is a shame to the way the financial institutions are ran. If there is anyway to stop this (forecloser) I am open to any suggestions.

Offender: Ocwen
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Orlando
Address: www.ocwen.com

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