CAMCO (Capital Acquisitions & Management)
Liars, frauds deceptive company - Do not pay one dime! Rip off

This weekend I received a letter from a company called Capital Acquisitions & Management Co. (CAMCO) According to them, the purchased an old debt of mine from Security Pacific Finance (which I never heard of) from a company called Fourscore Resources. The amount was $4599. Luckily, I did a search for the company on this site and lo & behold, there they were 57 complaints.

I called the company to find out who the original creditor was and the original amount. First of all, their 800 number, wanted me to leave a call-back number (yeah, right). When I finally did get in touch with someone, they told me the debt was from "some installment loan" I took out in 1986 (yes, you read correctly) and if I "think really hard, back to then...there is someone I forgot to pay". Then, when I cited the SOL and requested more exact information, I was told..."this was sold, so it was not on your credit report for a full 7 years, which means, it could be put back on for the remainder of that time." I asked if I was supposed to send money because "they said so"...then he asked for a call back number, I said no and he hung up. The stuff they try to get away with!

Of course, I immediately sent a validation letter, CRRR. If they continue to bother me after that, I will send a cease and desist. However, with the DOLA (according to them) being 1989, I don't think I have anything to worry about.


Offender: CAMCO (Capital Acquisitions & Management)
Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Rockford
Address: 303 N. Main Street

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