Consumer First
Massive rip-off. Fraud Fraud

Apply for the "Platinum Card",Hmmmmm.Ok, I was foolish enough to fall for this w/out more specific details. It was one of those "ahh, what the hell" type of deals. When I think "Platinum", I'm thinking I could use this card anywhere. Well, after a 45 dollar donation and two months later, I recieve a generic gray card w/ a $5000Limit.

Futhermore, this card was only to be used in their catalog that was sent w/ their piece of pastic. THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY YOU COULD SPEND 5000 DOLLARS IN THAT "FLEA MARKET" CATALOG OF THEIRS. Anyhow, I'm aware that I don't have it as bad as other fellow Americans (getting stiffed).

I hope someone can help us capture these jack-asses. The others & I would expect some kind of action to be taken, we're talking major jail time. As for those THINKING of signing off your name w/ a headache and sending 45 to 49 bucks, you might want to think about setting you're self on fire first. For everyone else in this, good luck and God Bless.

Utah "Jake" Simmons
CBD Austin

Offender: Consumer First
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Tampa
Address: PO Box 15386

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