HHS - Household Finance - Best Buy
HHS Household Finance /Best Buy Best Buy is ONE STEP ABOVE THE STREET CON ARTIST!!! ripoff


When I was financed for an 18 mos same as cash account, I asked numerous questions, and was assured by the salesman that the account would function like an installment account. Pay the principal, and nothing else.

When I got my first bill, I paid 3X the minimum payment. I foolishly didn't open another bill until the third month, and found I had been charged 2 late payment fees that equalled 150% of the minimum payment! Worse yet THEY WERE ADDED AS A SEPARATE PURCHASE TO ACCRUE 19.80% INTEREST. (So in other words, regardless of the amount of the next payment I made, those late fees don't get paid down, they remain on the account.)

I read the card purchase agreement and found no language that required me to make monthly payments if those payments had been paid in advance. I called customer service and was derided and threatened by the rep. I then told him I was tape recording his call and he hung up on me. I called back immediately and was promptly hung up on, accused, and threatened by another rep and the original one. I'm not kidding about this. They actually treated me like this without any provocation.

Two days later I called back and told a new rep I was sending the entire amount due to avoid further charges, but protesting their action. That was Jan 03.


In February, Best Buy made a UNILATERAL CHANGE TO MY CONTRACT. THEY DID NOT NOTIFY ME OF THE CHANGE. The scum bag bastards sent me a statement, and I noticed that on the statement, my purchase was now listed as a regular purchase, not same as cash. I called customer service, and was told my account was "closed" for being
"thirty days past due" in January, and as a result, they had unilaterally decided to refinance me at 20% interest.

I read the purchase card agreement and found a clause that they use to do things such as this, as well as a binding arbitration clause, making any class action lawsuit very difficult.


Interestingly, I considered paying the account online after this, worried that they might not process my payments by mail, and then thought, no, surely no company is that disgustingly dishonest.

My March payment was processed one week after the date that I calculated they should have received it by regular mail, and since of course I have NO GRACE PERIOD, NOT EVEN A DAY, I have been charged another 150% late fee.

If there is anyone out there who knows of legal action pending, please, please, please help.

Offender: HHS - Household Finance - Best Buy
Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Carol Stream
Address: PO Box 5238
Phone: 8003650292

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