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Farmer's Auto Insurance bait and switch, then cancel your policy deceptive company

I was shopping around for auto insurance and contacted Farmer's Insurance Group. I was given a monthly fee of $220.80 a month for both of my cars. I sent a check for that amount on August 21, 2002 which was cashed. On September 3, 2002 I received a cancellation notice for my auto coverage. I called them to ask why and was told that because I had an accident in 2001 they could not cover me.

I went back to my old insurance agency with no problem and the next thing I know, I receive a bill for $616.57. I called them again and I told them I have paperwork showing that I only had coverage for less than one month and Farmer's said I had to show them proof that I had coverage from my other insurance company before they would cancel what I owed.

Needless to say I was livid! I told them that it was my business if I had auto insurance or not and that I will NOT PAY that outstanding bill. I had already paid $220.80 and where was that payment applied? The insurance I went back to never charged me that much and I was not going to pay. Can you imagine paying $837.37 for car insurance for one month? My cars are 1997 and 1999. I don't have SUV's, Hummer's or Mercedes. I have economical and affordable cars.

I know it is against the law to lure someone in with one price and then when they are in, you switch the price to a much higher one. That is called bait and switch which is against the law.

Farmer's must be desperate for clients if they pull this scam. Auto insurance isn't that high. You must be paying for the one's that do not have insurance coverage for the rates to be that high.

Offender: Farmer's Insurance Group
Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Aurora
Address: 2245 Sequoia Drive
Phone: 6309070030

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