Global Crafts.Inc
Global Crafts 2.00 for each letter i insert into the envelopes they provide Not going to happen, I've been ripped off Miami

The flyer i received says" $2.00 for each Envelope you Process...

Paychecks Mailed out every wee so you can count on steady Money...

Unlimited supplies...Start Now, and Begin 2003 Earning Lots of Money!!!"What you do, is insert circulars in envelopes and get PAID for your completed work! You will provided all materials and simple instruction just complety your work and your're making extra money you deserve. At $2.00 per envelope processed you insert 100 envelopes get paid $200. Insert 250 envelopes get paid $500. Insert 500 envelopes get paid $1.000 !

the flyer is 2 pages long but on the back side it asks for 41.00 4.00 handling fee. so i sent them the asking price. in return I didn't receive any envelops to stuff but a booklet with names of company's I have to pay to assemble thier products 10 flyers, and 10 order blanks for others to do the same except they were going to only charge the next people 29.00 4.00 sh and handling fee. the instructions stated that i am to post the yellow sheets on bulletin boards across the County then if anyone took down my address and name they were to send me a case and i am supposed to send both the outer and inter envelope to the Global Craft and after I send them 250 i would be reimburable Deposit of 41.00 4.00 for the full amount i pd.

No where in the orginal flyer would i have to drive all over the county and place flyers on bulletlin boards and did it say i would be getting address's for them. They said that all envelops would be addressed and postage would be paid. They did not say i would be compling a mail list or wasteing my gas to do so.

They left me and two other people with the idea that they the company was addressing the envelops and putting the postage on and that I would receive what we thought was boxes of flyers and boxes of envelops to stuff. Which is not true. I am sure they are very good at playing with words but it really burned my butt was that I pd 45.00 and they were going to charge the next person 29.00 4.00 shipping and handling so I feel I have truely been ripped and I am on Social Sercurtiy Disability and I can't afford 45.00 but I thought well this is something I can do with out wasting alot of valuble gas at these high prices. I dont want to see anyone ripped off either. so I refused to post the flyers on any bulletin boards.

Offender: Global Crafts.Inc
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Miami.

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