Ocwen Bank
Ocwen's Mafia is very busy

Does any one know the what-where-when-how abouts of the Ocwen's Mafia nowadays? I have been calling those bandids (as I have promised myself I would faithfully do on regular basis) to make inquiries about my account, and the place "sounds" deserted and desolated, like an abandoned battle field in South Irak.

In two ocassions, I got people with an Indian accent, and when questioned about Ocwen's new mailing addresses they both asked me if I knew the old addresses (they din't know a thing and sounded UNCERTAIN) In another time within this week, I got a poor lady that had the voice of an scared to death temp. I even comforted her and told her I was going to pray so she could get a decent job later on with an honorable company. As all of us victims know, these calls have no real information value for the borrowers.

Today is Saturday and I tried to call them again, trying to get some info. To my surprise (not really a big one) I found out their "automated" system is not working. They refer the calls to it but is not operating. If I go to their one way side, is also nonworking and gives no information at all about your account's status. By the way, they erased the propaganda they had there about their closed ties with MER, since this House of Fraud is facing a hardtime with the law now. (I see Justice in the Making and I feel happy about it).

I don't know if this new behavior from Ocwen relates to me only or if it's, in fact, a new reality for everybody. Can you tell me?

I wonder if Ocwen bandids ran alrady to India or if they are planning their scape from Justice, terrorized in some corner of our country.

I also wonder if their known behavior of never addressing concerns and never showing their faces in court will take them our of legal troubles now.

Does some one can offer some information or feedback about this?

I know their end is approaching and I praying for it. I want them OUT FOREVER from our beautiful land so we can work and prosper only as we deserve, and according to our good deeds.

Never Afraid.

Offender: Ocwen Bank
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Orlando
Address: Ingenuity Drive
Phone: 8007462936

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