Comdata Corporation Aka Comdata Network, Inc.

This company claims to give convenience to users of their Comchek e-cash card which is issued by an employer who uses their services to deposit either a payroll check or expense reimbursement into their account and the employee can withdraw his/her money at an atm machine via the e-cash card or by writing a draft (check) from the supplied drafts and then cashing or depositing the draft into his/her own bank account.

What Comdata doesn't elude to is that after the first transaction, there are fees involved in obtaining your own money. These fees vary according to the agreement with the employer and Comdata Corporation.
This is a big rip off and scam to everyone who is forced by their employer to use this system to get access to their payroll and/or expense reimbursement. There must be some kick back of fees to the employer by Comdata, otherwise, what benefit would the employer have to use this system. I would like to see the Federal Trade Commission look into this. There must be something illegal about it.

Offender: Comdata Corporation Aka Comdata Network, Inc.
Country: USA   State: Tennessee   City: Brentwood
Address: 5301 Maryland Way
Phone: 8775532274

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