Long Beach Mortgage Company
Victimized many consumers, tricked and lied to us, ripoff thieves

This happened awhile ago, but it should be reported.
My late husband and I received an offer through the mail with this company to refinance our home for lower rates. We looked into it and was told we would save alot of money. We applied to see what we would save. Was told and had in writing a lower fiance rate and payment. After signing a contract with them. We was told that we didn't qualify for the lower % rate and payment. Instead it was doubled. Only way we could get out of it was to payoff the loan with fees for paying early. So instead we bit the bullet and made the payments.

A year later they quit cashing my payment (money order) that was sent to them. Started getting nasty unethical calls from the collection department. Saying I wasn't paying my mortgage and they we going to foreclose on the home. To avoid foreclosure we came up with the money for the mortgage. This was paid before foreclosure started, in full.

Well they state they filed foreclosure and I have been battling this on my credit report. This has been over 4 years now.
Had a lawyer involved but he backed out. He was all gung-ho on going to court against this company then all of a sudden he didn't want anything to do with us.

We found out that this company preys on people, conviently loses your payment, forecloses on your homes and threatens lives.

Red flags should have went up when they backed out of the orginal agreement. Hindsight in 20/20.
I want to warn people from making the same mistake I did. Deal with local banks for your mortgage needs.

Offender: Long Beach Mortgage Company
Country: USA   State: California   City: San Diego
Address: 9191 Towne Center
Phone: 8588249191

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