Financil Resource Unlimited
Financial Resources Unlimited Report To U.S. Postal Inspectors Online Claim Form ripoff I am subject to a similiar ripoff and wanted to find this information for others consumer rip-off fraud

I have reports filed here to through United Homeworkers, Home Stuffers, John Craig and Robert Hancock, and all of their aliases. I just wanted to share this information with those whom might be in a worse situation. Financial Resources Unlimited is located in the state of Illinois, so their post masters and inspectors would handle the case.

It would be safe to call the Chicago MAIN branch to find out specifically, which post master has to be informed. The phone number is: The Chicago U.S. Post Office Main, 212-654-3895.

Here are some other contacts which might be useful: (U.S. Postal Inspectors) online claim forms available,

Keep in mind these places change names and locations all the time, so try not to wait too long. The Adams Street address doesn't sound right, and may not be to a place of business.

If you can find another or a post office box that would be great. This address is not available in Yellow Pages or 411 Locate. Your own post office should be informed just for the record, because you don't want anyone thinking you're an accomplice. Save ALL your papers. This may seem like a lot of ineffective phone tagging and running-around, but if we don't file these reports, no one will take us seriously. We might even be vulnerable to certain allegations. Call your Attorney General.

Also the email is with CompuServe. This looks like a personal email, which is more difficult to track. Still, I bet CompuServe does not want to be associated with illegal practices. You may want to point postal inspector in their direction for account information. They are not obligated to give you account information or to enforce any laws, but they have to cooperate with postal inspectors who are a federal division of law enforcement separate from the post office in of itself. Just food for thought. Hope this helps.

Offender: Financil Resource Unlimited
Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Willowbrook
Address: 7000 Adams St. #101

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