Primamerica Option 1 Cydcor In SF
Primamerica Option 1 Cydor In SF ripoff cheated employees and screwed the customers even more

Dear Ripoff People,

How Irony can have a twist on things, as I am sitting here behind the computer to research a company I am interviewing with tomorrow for the second time. The girl (ofcourse VP) told me to do some hours of free research about the company.

Well I am happy I did it because Like the other People who interviewed at CYDCOR, you get put in a ghetto office and they used the same catch phrases such as "six figure income in six weeks, bla bla".

But the most hilarious thing is that the questions are the same, here I am a post graduate applying for a management position (so I think so) and she comes up with the question "do you want to work inside or outside, and do you like people or computers".

This absolutely aggravates me because I know some people who will regard her as hero in a summer collection JC penny suite. It is just wrong in this economy to use people like this because they have a little hope somewhere that it could be true.

So please do not work for them and do not spend the gas to go there and fund people managers with no people skills to continue with their marketing gimmicks. Plus A month ago I also went to a Primarica interview and I wish I read this site before because it was a horryfing experience.

First of all I rented a car to go there for my personal interview and I will be damned there is a personal interview for 34 people or anyone who wants to show, then what always gets me is that they told me to dress up so I go in my 3 piece suite and then I get greeted by a guy in a faded black shirt and dirty khakis plus his wife who is the VP of something in a just ugly frailly grandma dress.

SO the redflags go up put I rented a car for this so I will sit through the 2 hour long presentation (no refreshments or anything on this gloomy saturday morning)
The VP wife is ranting about how she was a waitress and a mom of zillion kids and now she has no idea why she waited tables for so long and lived in a trailer park. She is rich and makes a zillion dollar figure income bla bla (her dress is still ugly)

Ok now all the interviewees go not to a seperate room but a gestapo like class room where the just 6 month Hired sorry snot nose kid who also got up on this saturday has to ask you questions about something he does not even comprehend and if he or she did you could not hear because of the 22 year old slick rick is laughing with the dressed up innoncent girl who is flirting with her interviewer to become part of this financial terrordome. After 3 minutes, my interviewer realizes that I have an MBA and it stands for business, he asked me if I like to work with numbers.

So I say a sarcastic voice, yes that is why I studied finance. and I ask just to make sure I am in the right interview (and not a Cydcor interview) This is a subsidary of Citycorp or not (which I do not understand why such an corportation wants such a bad cancerous firm) Hey mumbles something and takes me back to the presentation room where I wait and look at the housewives whose eyes are filled with hope that they also will make a 6 figure income, I make conversation with one big raider fan who has also has his doubts who also was the only one who did not raise his hand when asked do you want make a six figure income bla bla.

SO we wait for an hour and after our jokes run out and nothing happend so we decide to leave. Monday morning arrives and I get called by the firm to pay my dues and if I come in again for a second interview and that I have vice president potential, i wonder how she would know that because the interviewer did not ask any pertinent questions nor did he write anything down.

So I decide to be upfront with her and tell her that I have interviews with 2 other Life Insurance companies and now comes the last straw. Instead of her wishing me good luck and gaving me time to decide she immediate gets mad and bad talks the insurance companies and that I shouldn't waste her time. Her TIME ? i did not even talk to her

So all in all please don't waste your time I did go through succesfully at one of the life insurance companies but before this I did go to an option 1 talent scout team. Giggle or Cry I do not know. Here is some inside info, having nothing to do for a week I decide to go with it and go to those great presentations. Now we get out free training where we have to do homework and cut out stuff out magazines and do some role plays. after the childish instruction of a semi goodlooking failed model we are out to sell our $555 rip off. Yes it is saturday again but we have courage in our hearts of how are boss got kicked out of mall solicting and to dodge police. this is good jobethics isn't it I went along because the guys and girls working for them were just as desperate as I was and they were actually good people.

So we go out to see people after spending money on gas,food, etc I get some people to go to the free presentation. and now I just feel bad because the other people did not get 10 people to go and they were not allowed to come back until they had ten. I try to convice them it is 6 pm we have been working all day so just go back it is not like you are gettting paid for it.. but this blast my mind, all students of the evil empire stay later. why why what was the power what the sourceress put on them to hand out her business card. which also is a mystery to me, how can you get commision in your name if you use the bosses busines card which had a fictious name. They told me it was a code for North California,, yup just like any good business it has codes in their cards.

So I go back and there the 2 semi photo models are giggling away eating togo's and not anwsering phones (correction) there was only one phone while the new recruits are slaving away. I go home and yes here is the awful part I have to show up at a free presentation. also to get my commission for the 10 people who show up but you only get commission if they sign up and luckily they will mention your name that you wrote with pen on your bosses card. just a number crunch.. you have to coldtalk to a 100 people to get 1 person at the show and then only one out of 6 will sign up.. and if they sign up what do you get.... a freaking $20 from a $555 deal.. or in other words every person you talk to for 10 minutes out in the street will give you 1/600 of $20 or 2000 pennies which is roughly 3.3 pennies. iT is better to beg on the street and you get more money but they promise as soon you get a 100 people signed up or talked to thousands of peole you might get promoted to manager and mabye get some benefits ha ha ha .

Now the night comes where you work again for free at 8 pm on a thursday. Now you realize that the boss is giving the people the same speech she gave us to part of this shitdeal and the worst she made the same f.. jokes.. One person actually showed up for me with his kid and the kid just screamed daddy I am going to be an actor.. yes son i will pay the money. everybody gets their picture taken, people actually stand in front of the mirror for half an hour and gaze the room if there is competition.. because they were specially selected and then the people don't realize that a mongol mothershitkid with 2 teeth and beedy eyes can make the cut no.. that is not what they think the look at them and go.. "
i will blow away the competition" aaarrrrr.

As the competition is getting their picture by a Professional or a chump like me who went their for a night and got a digital camera shoved in my hand. I am enjoying myself however my great side of the brain takes over and finally sees how kids want their daddy's to pay mucho dollars for this crap.

So I leave the camera and go outside to get some fresh happiness from air of reality. After warning my only customer about the practice he leaves without thinking that he broke his kids dreams we meet up in the team room .. rah rah rah.. and now again without refreshment for the entire night, we here that we have to be here at 8 am to move the office 50 miles east. ah and if we as a team could rent a truck and move all the office supplies somewhere.

offcourse without pay i mean with paying for the truck rental. This was the final straw and I feel sorry for the husband and wife that travel everyday 34 miles to do that job. Now you think that you have an intelligent friend and tell him about the surreal week you had and then you get to hear that your fu.. own fried forked over 500 dollars and I tried to point out that it was a scam but yet he believes that someone is going to discover them and then I ask how many phone calls have you received from them.. the answer is none nothing zero but yet he believes in it..

why why the only thing we can do is run away when we see fake model people trying to get you to be a model..
GOod luck in the running

San Francisco, California

Offender: Primamerica Option 1 Cydcor In SF
Country: USA   State: California   City: San Francisco

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