Quik Mail Services

It has been 6 months since being laid off from my long term employment where I made a very good living. I have a mortgage to pay a need to honor my commitments.

This was one of several areas that I invested in only to be disappointed AGAIN. I did pay the $50 and waited nearly a month for the "KIT". Well it finally came. It arrived in a 8 1/2 X 11 white envelope. Inside were 10 pages of extremely poor quality copies of "Your $1.00 per pamphlet processing program" and the "Credit Repay Manual" As I started to read, my blood started to boil. The advertisement states, "Our program simply involves the folding and processing of pamphlets" Next it describes the 1,2,3 methods of folding, inserting the pamplets into envelopes and licking them.

It goes on to say, "You DO NOT have to pay any postage costs to send out these pamphlets." Not once in the 4 pages of the, No experiece needed and anyone can do this, was there a mention that YOU also need to market for the leads by placing and paying for your own ads, internet marketing or by any other method that YOU choose. Not one mention of how a person would begin to develop a marketing campaign.

I am more mad at myself for being so gullable when I should know better but I still wonder why any individual can get away with this. I am not going to stop here though. I will ask for my REFUNDABLE order-processing fee back (yeah I know I am spitting into the wind ) but I will also send all copies and comments to Diane Sawyer at Prime Time Live to see if they will do a report on these no good types. If only to put an alert out again for "buyer beware"!

Offender: Quik Mail Services
Country: USA   State: California   City: Mission Hills
Address: 11100 Sepulveda Blvd #282

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