Cross Country Bank

I thought i wanted a credit card. I was living in Shreveport, Louisiana, abnd wanted to go home to Los Angeles, California. I also thought I would need a credit card. Cross Country Bank sent me a Visa. Happily I went to a nearby ATM to check it out. I asked for, and received $35.00. The dates, I THINK are now mid June 2000.

I received no bill from CCB until July 15. The bill stated that the payment was due on July 5. I had only just received it ten days late. The reason why was the address was very wrong. My address was 3131 Knight Street, Shreveport, Louisiana. This bill had as an address: 313 Ight Street, Shreveport, Louisiana. A bright mail person had figured out this address andgot it to me some 10 days later. I'm not sure, but seems there was a $45 late fee charge. I ignored this and sent them a money order for $35.

I had no bank account. I was recovering from a serious accident, and only was permitted by friends, family and doctors, to handle my money again.

August first came and went. Around the 15th, I received my Cross Country Bank bill. They wanted $90! That was the previous $45 late fee plus this new month's late fee. The address was still wrong, also. i returned the bill, I THINK (but shan't claim it) with a $45 money order. i wrote all over the bill, too, about the correct address. I even filled in a place for "new address" with my current address.

September 15 came with their bill, that I truly was laerning to not expect until late. Again, they ignored my address correction. They wanted $90 again. This was for a late charge I'd made when I paid the previous late charge, plus an additional late charge for not paying this additional late charge fee. I threw out the letter.

In evenings, I was receiving many late telephone calls from all sorts of people who wanted me to buy things. To stop being interrupted, I unplugged the phone! I was left alone during the day because all day my phone was tied up with my computer in Internet.

One of those late calls i received before unplugging my phone was from Cross Country Bank! A woman asked me if I wanted to keep this credit card, or did I want to have very bad credit? How do I answer that? Then she suggested I tell her my bank ccount number, and they would take out monthly charges for me.

I have no bank account i told her, but they have my address wrong. i told her the correct address and she hung up.

I was left alone for a few days, possibly because my phone was unplugged. But a week or so later, my phone rang in the wee hours of the morning! Well, wee to me, at 5:00 a.m. this was a man at Cross Country Bank who told me if I did not start paying my Cross Country Bank bills, i would get into legal trouble. I again told that bank about the correct address, their incorrect address, and told him, too, that I was not going to pay any growing late fees.

I hung up, but I was angry. And sleepy. I took my Visa card and cut it in two. I then placed it in their return envelope I pulled from the paper trash basket, and sent it back to them.

I thought that would be it. I also thought about losing tghat Visa card. But remenbering I'd only used it tht once, months ago, I felt I could live without it. I truly did think this was over.

On October 15, there was a Cross Country Bank bill in my mailbox! Wanting, now, $180.00! Late fees. This continued every 25th day of each month through June 2002. In May 2002, their bill had an enclosure. They were going to sue me for nonpayment of a debt they said I owe! The balance kept growing and going. In June 2002, i moved to stay with my mother in Texas. I did not let anyone know, especially Cross Country Bank, know my new address.

My mother has an acre of ground near Houston. The back half acre I've her permission and hope to put in my home. Icould buy a mobile home, clear the land back there, and one day get another horse.

Cross Country Bank came back. Several mobile home countries said my credit was too bad to be allowed to buy from them. I've even got a copy of my financial record. Something very bad wasat the bottom of a page. That page listed seven good listings, including my 1988 Ford I bought in 1988 and paid off in 1992, and American Express (which was cancelled when I was still in a coma in a Burbank hospital). The bad thing was Cross Country Bank wanring, from me, and making me seem very very bad at paying debts, $1,106.00!

So I wrote them a letter and made out a check for that amount. I had no address, so went to Internet to look for one. Searching for "Cross Country Bamk" I've come across thousands of too familiar reports about this company. To myself, I have called Cross Country Bank Cross Country Ripoff for the past 2 years! I now find out the worst, which does make my family feel better about this debt they were afraid I was still to injured to be able to fix.

I remember, too, a big fear I had of Cross Country Bank. That they would sue me and take away anything I had and/or was working for. One good thing about discovering all this access is that i am no longer afraid!

Sue me, CCB? Okay. I would enjoy seeing you in court. If I win, YOU can pay my lawyer fees, court costs, and give me enough money to buy that mobile home. If you've ruined my credit too much for me to buy one on credit, then you can give me enough money so that I can pay cash for one. I am living in Texas now, but CCB's ripoff and harrassment of me was in Louisiana. So anyone reading this, pleae add me to any complaint.

Cleveland, Texas

Offender: Cross Country Bank
Country: USA   State: Nationwide

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