Wells Fargo Bank
Ripoff victimized many consumers

Wow--am I happy to find this place to complain!

Long, long ago in a world far, far away, I was a proud, happy employee of WFB. Back where most people under 30 have never been. A place where the customer actually came first!

This was before de-regulation. Wells Fargo only lived in California&and was almost computer-free.

I was branch supervisor. I actually looked at each check before it was returned as an overdraft. It did not matter to me, I treated others as if it were my own. One customer in particular was always overdrawn. Each time, I would look to see if I was returning to a creditor that had previously been sent a NSF, I made sure utilities were paid, I would make sure I sent to banks that had more "float time" before being deposited a second time--you get the idea--kind of foreign isn't it?

Today, I sit here, after closing ALL accounts with WFB looking at my credit report dinged up by WFB. Gee--I have a 360 months loan I didn't know I had. It is past due and not only that has been transferred to another lender? There are two other wonderful credit experiences putting me in the neg tool.

What has happened? WFB has grown too big. I have gotten letters from Oregon, telling me to call Arizona about an account in California. Following up--or course, no one will know what someone in the other state is doing?

Or my favorite-- I wrote a letter, and was told the mail room didn't know where to direct it, so it was most likely shredded? What--I have the certified receipt! You don't know who this guy is that signed it?

My advise--find the smallest local bank you can. Even if they don't offer all the servies larger banks advertise.

And even if you follow my advise, Wells Fargo may continue to haunt you giving you negative credit for loans you never had with them!

Good Luck thanks for letting me vent!

Offender: Wells Fargo Bank
Country: USA   State: Iowa   City: Des Moines
Address: 405 SW 5th St

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