Global Financial
Names Of Owners Lawyers Lamont & Skowronek PLEASE READ IMPORTANT Names are Here

Three top lawyers from Minot North Dakota have made one of the biggest fraudulent businesses. They are Robert Lamont and John Skowronek. This is how the process worked and how many innocent people were ripped off.
They recorded whenever a sale was being made so that was there protection that the customer gave consent that money can be taken out of their accounts.

The customers were signing up for either a visa or mastercard that was a pay as you go card. Many of the customers did not realize that they had to put money on this card thats why it came with zero annual rates. People were signing up for a one-time membership fee that ranged from anywhere from 219.95-221.95 a card plus they also received a free phone services for 49.95 which they got to use for free for ten days then the customer had the option to cancel this when there welcome kit arrived.

Well the welcome kit never arrived and neither did the card. This company then stated that the call would transfer over to third party verification where the order was confirmed with the bank name and account number. Customer was to select a date that the funds would be available in their account if the funds were not there on that given date the company would try again a second time and so you can pretty well much do the math 221.95 not there they get charged for it again then if the company tries again its another 221.95 and lets not forget the 49.95 for phone services that have not even existed.

This company was being investigated by ABC.News. This company had just currently closed the doors at all its work sites leaving the employees with a note on the door stating that the business had closed on the note was just a 1-800 number to call or to log on to the web address which is to look for futher updates.Employees headed to work that day intending to work but that is what they had found a hard case touch of reality.

The toll free number is now been disconected. The thing of it all is that they closed on the day when everyone was to be paid and they had known months in advance that the business was going under. There are 620 people that are now jobless all in one day no one knew not even the supervisors. We now know as telemarketers what it felt like to be taken for just like so many of thousands of customers have. There are alot of people that suffer through this but we want these men to suffer just like we all have.

These men will not speak with the media. There has been people going to these men's residences. The windows have been broken out on this building. This small community took a major blow this small community lost over 250 jobs in one day. It did not only hurt the employees it also hurt the other business's that these employees were dealing with.

Their law firm is Lamont & Skowronek at 116 1st St Southwest Minot North Dakota 58701. Phone Number 701-852-7002.
Residence for Robert Lamont is 1207 15th Ave SW Minot North Dakota 58701 701-852-6673. John Skowronek is at 609 Bavaria Dr Minot North Dakota 58701 701-838-5755. Marius (Buzz) Stitzer at 925 13th Avenue SE Minot North Dakota 58701 701-852-5698. I hope like so many others that they lose their law firms.

This is the second business that had went under from these men we also had a call center called ZTEL lost more jobs little over a year ago again. I want them to be hit as hard as everyone else has and know what it is go without.

The city of Minot is going after these people because they owe the city over $400,000. It needs to be stopped.

Offender: Global Financial
Country: USA   State: North Dakota   City: Minot
Phone: 7018527002

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