CIC CREDIT MONITORING ripoff deceptive company ripped off and scammed victimized many consumers

This Company offers you a free Credit Report and then asks that you try their company for 30 days with no obligations, but just to cancel within a weeks time, incase you use a debit card.
I got my credit report and it was not a real credit report. I cancelled in 14 days and sent over 10 e-mails and never got one response. I wanted to make sure that they didn't charge my account the $79.95 fee for a year of a bunch of Bull.

On 2/27 they charged me 79.95. I was already at a negative $150.24 balance from being scammed by a company two days before this transaction. I saved all my e-mails and gave them ample time to stop the transaction. This caused 6 more checks to bounce at $23.00 a check. The bank was able to reverse the charges of the two fraudulent fee's but would not take off any of the NSF fee's.
have proof of it being a scam, but no-one seems to care.
On 2/6 we were charged 199.99 by a company called ccs first bankcard. It is a fake credit card application and scam.

So all together we have about 30 nsf fee's and will lose our checking privleges in about 3 days if we can't come up with an extra $700.00?
If anyone knows what legal action I can take or anything that would help us, please write something in response to my claims!

If it helps, I know the lord will bless you in a big way!
We have a two year old daughter and my husband does not get paid much with his Police officer job.
We go from payday to payday, just like most people do and it makes me sick that someone is out there enjoying my daughters lunch money and pull up and baby needs money.

Country: USA   State: California   City: ORANGE
Phone: 8775134175

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