AT&T Advertising Solutions

AT&T cold called me and I agreed to a meeting. The rep had me sign a computer screen as a pre-cursor to a "contract". He stated that there were other documents to sign before advertising began. He stated I would receive a contract (I had told him my lawyer would have to look over everything). He stated there was an opt-out. A day later I thought about it and decided to not go ahead with any advertising. I clearly stated this in a written email. It took several days for them to respond and the rep then said my cancellation was too late. They said I would get to approve the ad before it went live, which I did not get to. They used a tracking number instead of my phone number, which they did not have my permission to do (and had told me I would have to sign documentation to allow them to do this). It took months for me to get a copy of the "contract" (where they took my signature and placed it in a document that I did not receive). By ten I had been getting dozens of calls attempting to collect money from all over the country. I received calls with different bill amounts (one being half of what the alleged contract stated - which was 4 times the amount originally pitched). This started a 6 month (and counting) process of speaking with all kinds of different reps, none of which had any power to do anything. I left many messages for the people who supposedly could help. Never once were my calls returned. I offered to agree to the lower plan but no one I spoke with (dozens of reps) could do anything. I have started to get computer generated harassing phone calls from a collection agency on AT&T's behalf. They have also not done anything to resolve the matter. I did not want to advertise with AT&T to begin with and now I will never advertise or do business with any organization that speaks of a "contract". I received no benefit and certainly no income from them. What kind of a business has to strong-arm and force people to work with them who don't want anything to do with them?

Offender: AT&T Advertising Solutions
Country: USA   State: Oregon   City: Portland

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