Viking Collections / John Hanson
Avoid what I had to go through!

This report is on a COWARD named John Hanson. I had been having problems with him for roughly 2 months. I promised him payment upon receipt of a confirmation saying that if I paid the amount, the settlement would be over. He was very hesitant. I began to get angry and he laughed saying that I should have been responsible for my actions and that now I will pay the price. As if someone died and made him God to decide what MY price is.

He continued to call me numerous times during the day at all of my listed phone numbers. He even was calling me at work. The funny thing was that I sent in $2000 the week prior, which left $1000 on the balance, but that wasn't enough for him to leave me alone for a bit, he continued to harass me saying "That amount Ma'am just isn't good enough" EXCUSE ME!! That amount seems mighty fair to me. I asked him nicely to not call me at my work saying that I know it is my right to have calls stopped when it is an inconvenient time and place. He continued to laugh telling me he has the right to call me as many times as he wants a day at whatever phone numbers he has listed. This is true until I tell him it’s an inconvenient location, and I didn't ask him to stop calling me all together but to stop calling my work. This guy did everything in his power to make me feel inferior.

I went on to tell this weak insecure person just what I thought of someone who has to hide behind a telephone and try to strong arm people into paying more than they can. As I said above I had already given an obscene amount of money yet that wasn't good enough for him.

I found out that these people are getting paid on commission. When I mentioned that he asked if I thought it was that important to him to collect a measly amount of money off of me. Honestly John must be, otherwise you wouldn't be so rude and obnoxious about it. One reason he was upset is because instead of letting him take my money I contacted Capital One directly and did a balance transfer to pay the $2000. Therefore he didn't get any commission on the account. He asked me if I thought I was smart and had outwitted him. No I didn't think that but obviously he did. I opted to pay the rest of the amount again through Capital One. He was extremely upset. I now have the balance paid and yet again just recently...I received 2 calls at home, 2 on my cell, and 2 at work. That to me is a little bit too much, especially since the balance is $0.

The messages entailed a very rude voice on the other end of the line saying... "This is John Hanson and it is VERY important that I get a return call from you regarding a past due account (it is not his place to say anything about the account VIA phone)" Another thing, if he was actually doing his job he would know that the account is paid for. Its even been chanced to "Paid" on my credit report...HELLOOO!! Just another example of Viking Corp trying to weasel money out of people. Great job do you sleep at night and are you really able to look at yourself in the mirror knowing you are weaseling, harassing, weak, and insecure scum with nothing better to do than try to over power people?

The part of the story that I would like to include is that I was in a severe car accident where I ended up having surgery. I was out of work for 3 weeks and obviously that means no paycheck. John Hanson felt it necessary to tell me how to run my life and tell me that Credit Card debt is more of a priority than taking care of my body in any way necessary. His suggestion...paying my debt before I opted for surgery. I should live with the pain because that payment is more important than my health. I give a big F U to John Hanson and any other debt collector who thinks that my priority would be a credit card over my immediate health. It would be different if it was something I had been dealing with for awhile, but instead it was because of a car accident. Its not as if I asked for that to happen.

He threatened to call my parents, my fiancé', and told me if I avoided his calls at work he would contact my boss and have him make me take the call (remember the balance is already paid). I feel as though this is against the law and also my rights as a US citizen. I am a 25-year-old woman. I have lived on my own for 8 years and had a mishap with a credit card. I worked my butt off to get it paid and the appreciation I get is harassing phone calls when the balance is $0. What a way to run a business!

A note to all who are offered a settlement through not give out info, do not accept harassing phone calls, pay the debt through the original company by doing balance transfers. Keep any information and confirmation numbers in case a lawsuit arises. I can't believe that there are people out there who are basically looking for blood. I hope you all can avoid what I had to go through.

My rant is over, sorry its so long and drawn out. I had a lot to say I guess.

Offender: Viking Collections / John Hanson
Country: USA   State: All USA

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