Express Recovery Services
Collection agency violating the law

Express Recovery Services, Inc, a collection agency, went after my daughter-in-law (Lissa) for a debt she did not owe. They went after her for a debt owed solely by her husband to his doctor. Lissa had never been a patient of this doctor. Lissa called the doctor’s office and they said they did NOT send her name to the collection agency; that they sent her husband’s name but definitely not hers. She called me very upset as her credit was being affected. In Utah, it is against the law to go after an individual for a personal debt owed by their spouse. Utah Code Ann. §30-2-5(1), provides that neither spouse is responsible for the personal debts, liabilities and obligations of the other. I contacted Express Recovery Services and had the misfortune of talking to a rude bully. When I tried to explain that what they were doing was against the law, he interrupted and said they “were very aware of that law.” Having a conversation with this individual was not in the cards as he talked over me in a very loud arrogant voice and I quickly realized I was wasting my time. I called him a %%_ bully and hung up.

Lissa then wrote a letter to Express Recovery Services and sent a copy to the Utah Consumer Protection Agency. She was contacted by the Consumer Protection Agency and advised to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. She asked if I could do that for her as she has her hands full with three small children and I was the one who actually talked with the collection agency.

Since Express Recovery Services admitted they know the law, it is clear they are knowingly breaking the law in the way they conduct their business, going after people, threatening them, harming their credit, for a debt Express Recovery Services knows the individual does not owe. It is baffling to me how companies get away with knowingly conducting their business in an illegal manner.

Offender: Express Recovery Services
Country: USA   State: All USA

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