Home Depot

Several months ago Citibank, the company that administers Home Depot's credit cards, decided to drop me (viz., cancel my card) because my overall credit score had dropped. They did so in spite of the fact I had never missed a payment to them, even though I used the card extensively while renovating a house. One day I tried to charge some paint, and the clerk informed me my account had been cancelled. Arguments with Citibank were, as you might suspect, fruitless: So sad, too bad, pay up, get lost. I was/am indeed in a precarious financial position, because of being laid off and diagnosed with cancer. But I had been practicing financial triage, making sure payments were up-to-date with important accounts and managing to make at least small payments on all of the rest. Home Depot was an important account, because I used it to maintain two very modest rental properties.

Bottom line: it doesn't matter. Citibank deems you a bad person, you're out. Period. Plus late charges and interest.

Offender: Home Depot
Country: USA   State: Washington   City: Vashon
Site: edt9@msn.com

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