Consumer Pay Day Loans
Fraudulant Bussiness Practice

I went online to look for a relatively small loan to improve my credit score and within a few hours I received a phone call from Eric Johnson from Consumer Pay Day Loans in Washington DC stating I qualify for a loan for $3000.00 and that my payments would be $310.00 a month for 12 months. I was told that I had to make a transaction of $310.00 via Western Union to Invy Danials in India and that the funds would be direct deposited into my checking account. I made the transaction and the funds were never deposited. I called Eric back and was told that he could not make the deposit as my account was dormant, and my payroll check is deposited into the same account weekly. I was then told by Eric that I had been selected to receive $7000.00 along with the $3000.00 as a Federal Grant and would not have to repay the $7000.00 and that it was a Grant promoted by President Obama to help people improve Credit Scores. I was told by Eric that I would have to send $210.00 to Brandon Schulte in India to cover the taxes, and I sent the funds and was told that I would have to send $250.00 to cover FedX charges. I sent the money as requested and was told not to worry that all funds I have sent would be refunded to me and included in the check, which would be delivered the next day at my address, but FedX never came. Eric told me the next day that the FedX truck had been involved in an auto accident and the check had been lost and voided, and that another check had been issued and I would have to pay another $250.00 toput insurance on the check and again I would be refunded, and again, FedX never came. I called Eric back and was told I would have to send $150.00 for taxes, and I told him that I had enough that I was turning this over to the BBB and the FBI. All the funds I sent Western Union were to India, except the last $250.00 which went to Cheryl Nylander in Commerce Georgia in the United States. I have contacted Western Union and I will receive copies of all the transactions I have made within 7 to 14 days that you are more than welcome to use as evidence, and I can give you the phone number I have reached Eric at every time I have spoken with him. I have talked to other people at the same phone number and was told Eric was not in yet, and have since than received calls from the same people stating I have been approved for a loan for $2000.00 and would have to send a Western Union first, and they stated a different company name than Consumer Pay Day Loans. Eric Johnson's phone number is 202-499-1541, however does not come in until 10:00 to 10:30 AM and the phone won't ring until that time of day. I was also called by a man named John Wilson saying he was from the Washington DC Western Union office and was going to send me a check for $8000.00 to make this all setteled with me but I would have to send $200.00 Western Union to India to cover the taxes first and I was to call him back at 202-657-6356 and was given a control number and told it was very vital that I not share the number with anyone. I never sent the money that John Wilson requested as I have figured out that I was being scamed and they were committing fraud. I have the control number written down if you would care to use it as evidence also. These people are operating in the USA and using Washington DC phone numbers. I hope and pray that someone from the FBI can use all the information I have provided to you and the other Info I still have to bring these people down. There are multiple people involved in this as when you talk to them on the phone you can hear in the background several phones ringing and operators talking loudly telling people about having to send money via Western Union to places as I have mentioned, such as India, Georgia and Texas. Please feel free to contact me in reguards to this matter at [email protected] or at (859)-368-8178. I am a victim and I am quite sure several hundred if not more are being scamed by them also. If you can trace them down thru the phone numbers I have given you, and bring them to justice, I will be glad to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, but I desperately need your help. Thank you

Offender: Consumer Pay Day Loans
Country: USA   State: Washington   City: DC

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