Mixed Martial Arts

I take Mixed Martial Arts at Alex Ruas BJJ and NOT because I want to. It is because he tricked me into signing a contract and then turned me over to an Attorney when I refused to pay. I have like others contacted Pam Bondi, Attorney General for the State of Florida. I urge everyone in my position to also contact her. Her office is building a file of the complaints which I believe now totals around 23. Now that I know Ruas is a scammer and hid ugly girlfriend is no better, I suggest that everyone stop paying their tuitions. Let's see how he makes out against the State. And I was fortunate enough to get direction from someone Ruas hates but who has enough information that Ms. Bondi's office has enlisted and who has proof against this thief! CHALLENGE RUAS. He is more of a fat ass than a bad ass! Thanks to those other parents whio have emiled me privately. Let's BJJ this idiot!

Offender: Mixed Martial Arts
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Pensacola
Site: alexruasbjj@yahoo.com

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