Heatherann Jones-Wilson and Richard Waters
Heatherann Jones-Wilson and Richard Waters (TWO NIGERIAN EXTORTIONISTS) have two more criminal web sites established to con people.

Mark Taylor, CEO of Sterling Construction and Development Corporation Swindles Stephan Schurmann, Plaswall Ex-Master Franchisee out of More than $750,000 in Fees and Commissions and uses Extortion Techniques against his victims!

Mr. Stephan Schurmann, Ex-Master Franchisee for Plaswall USA Claims To Have Been Threatened With Aggressive and Unethical Extortion Tactics Including a Smear Character Assassination Campaign by Mark Taylor CEO of Sterling and his Associate Richard Waters AKA "Dr. Thomas Jennings"

Stephan Schurmann, Plaswall Ex-Master Franchisee for USA Accuses Mark Taylor, CEO of Sterling Construction and Development Corporation for $750,000 Franchise Fraud and Extortion!

(August 31, 2012) ----- Mark Taylor, CEO of Sterling Construction and Development Corporation Swindles Stephan Schurmann, EX-USA Master Franchisee for Plaswall out of More than $750,000 in Fees and Commissions and uses Extortion Techniques against his victims!

Plaswall Concrete Form System Franchise Program Bilks Investors

(August 30, 2012) ----- After making a heavy investment into what looked like a promising franchise opportunity, Stephan Schurmann was recently swindled out of $750,000 of his initial investment and commission fees. Plaswall Concrete Form System Franchisor Mark Taylor, CEO of Sterling Construction and Development Corporation, a company based in Manila, Philippines, promises a legitimate franchise with great potential for its franchisees.

In addition, Sterling Construction and Development claims that the franchise product itself "has created revolutionary solutions for every challenge in whole building construction." Yet, former Master Franchisee for USA Stephan Schurmann insists that the claims about its product are unfounded and that the entire operation is a shady enterprise preying on franchisees and customers alike.

When Schurmann first heard about the Plaswall Concrete Form System franchise opportunity, he visited a Plaswall factory in the Philippines and then made the decision to purchase the rights as Master Franchisee for the United States in November 2010 under a $1.5 million contract with a $150,000 down payment. This allowed him to be the sole franchisee to market the panel building products throughout the United States. What at first looked like a hopeful enterprise became a financial disaster for Schurmann. He received the components of his Plaswall Manufacturing Plant in a 40-foot container without any supporting materials and was then left on his own without any training and zero phone support. "When I asked for support and assistance as promised in the contract," says Schurmann, "the CEO simply responded by saying he was not my babysitter and that I needed to take care of my own business."

Stephan Schurmann operated his franchise under the name of Plaswall Manufacturing & Development Inc. and spent an additional $200,000 in startup costs. In spite of working hard to recruit a team of agents and then generating over $1.7 million in business transactions for Mark Taylor in a very short amount of time, Schurmann insists that the franchisor failed to provide the promised support to his franchise operations and that Taylor then began threatening to revoke his franchise. Later, Schurmann realized that the franchisor was assisting a Nigerian franchisee to launder money. In addition, Schurmann soon came to believe that the product itself was of inferior quality contrary to the "high standards of quality" claim in the franchise contract. Already beginning to get suspicious, Stephan Schurmann further learned that the franchise rights he purchased were for a product that was not patented or trademarked in the United States. Schurmann resigned as Master Franchisee for the USA in July 2011 and never received hundreds of thousands of dollars in contracted commissions still owed by the franchisor.

According to Stephan Schurmann, who became a Plaswall fraud victim, this is how the Plaswall SCAM works:

Mark Taylor first sells you a NON-PATENTABLE PLASWALL FRANCHISE. When you find out and complain, TAYLOR creates very damaging phony 'consumer reports' on his franchisees businesses that are very 'reputation sensitive'. Once complete, Taylor submits the bogus report through numerous search engines (i.e.: Google, Yahoo, etc.).

Rumor has it that Taylor, in some cases, will have one of his sleazy staff members actually visit a specific company to get details on how the company operates. This helps add validity and drama to his report. Thus, the Extortion plot becomes even easier! Taylor allegedly also will take his self created defamatory report, copy and paste it, and submit it to various other web sites, Blogs, etc., to make it APPEAR that the company has numerous disgruntled customers, further damaging the company and, again, increasing his chances of Extorting money!

Within 24 hours, anytime a prospective customer of that business does a web search, which many consumers these days do, they will then see the defamatory link appear on that business, usually on the first page of the search engines results, which then will lead them to a very disparaging report on that business. That consumer may now have second thoughts from doing business with that particular company because of the bogus self created report. That’s exactly what Mark Taylor wants to happen! That’s how the scam starts!

So, why is Mark Taylor doing this? Its called Extortion!

What Mark Taylor then does is approach the business he has damaged (defamed) and offers his fraudulent 'services' to remove the defamatory commentary, which usually means the business PAYING HIS ASSOCIATE RICHARD WATERS UP TO $50,000 upfront plus a $5,000 per month 'monitoring fee' for a report THEY created! What a way to make a living!

Though Stephan Schurmann has filed complaints with various government agencies, his money has not been returned and the Plaswall Concrete Form System franchise program continues to operate with franchises at a variety of locations all across the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Africa, Australia, Ireland, Dubai, Trinidad, and many other locations. What is most disturbing is the fact that the new Plaswall representative for USA, Richard Waters, is using more than 7 fake ID’s on LinkedIn to promote their shady Plaswall business in USA.

More information on this matter can be found on http://www.plaswall.us and http://www.plaswallscam.com and http://www.1800fraud.info/


Offender: Heatherann Jones-Wilson and Richard Waters
Country: USA   State: All USA
Site: http://www.1800fraud.info

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