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I have two Bank of America credit cards. I went to pay one of the bills online last night and noticed that the account number had been changed and that I wasn't able to access online services. I called BOA, waited in the telephone tree for about 45 minutes and finally got to speak to a warm body. The warm body informed me that there was a "security issue" with this account and that new cards would be mailed by June 27 or so. The card is billed to our home in Vermont, it's a backup card for our son who is temporarily living in California, and I am going back to our home in Maine in a couple of days. Idiot #1 couldn't take care of mailing the cards to an address other than the one associated with the account, so I was passed on to idiot #2. First part of the problem solved (I think) - the guy agreed to send one card to Maine, the other to California. Then, I asked how I was expected to pay the bill inasmuch as I could no longer access the account. That wasn't idiot #2's department, so I was sent to yet another department. After a heated discussion, idiot #3 gave me two choices for paying the bill: either give him my checking account number so BOA could withdraw the funds or wait until the new cards arrive, at which time my online access will be reactivated. The new cards will arrive after the due date for the payment. I told him that I would not give him my checking account number under any circumstances . I then asked for a Supervisor (idiot #4). Idiot #4 told me that the card had "possibly" been part of a merchant data breach and that's why new cards were being issued. This is the FIFTH time this has happened to us with BOA - NEVER has happened with other cards we have with Chase, Citibank, Discover, AMEX etc. I asked Idiot #4 if I could transfer the outstanding balance on the one card to my other card so I could pay the bill. Not possible. She passed me on to her supervisor, Idiot #5, who gave me a third alternative - pay at a BOA branch. There are no BOA branches in Vermont. After another 15 minute conversation, idiot #5 told me that she would try to get my online access back within the next 48 hours. I am DONE with the Bank of America - when the new cards arrive, I think I will put them in a desk drawer never to be used again. I don't want to cancel the account because I don't want my credit rating to be dinged. There are several BOA branches in Maine and I have half a mind to go to one of them when I return to Maine and pay the bill (about $1, 000) in quarters!

Offender: Bank of America
Country: USA   State: All USA

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