rigons checking
ude ness and harassment and frowd

I went to regions bank at tusca AL sky land at 900am I'm marshALl Gordon I went to the drive through to make a nine doller withdrawal and the lady asks me am I a wear of my account I said yes it should have nine dollers in it and the lady told me I had a negiteve 15.00 doller bALance I told her id come in side I went to the door at 9:15am and the door was locked a man said that the door was locked and they were buisy so I weird for ten min and the lady that opened my account for me opened the door I wALked in and she said what do you need and told me to come over towards her and said I can help you I said yea axuALy who do I tolk to about an over draft anb ahe said what kind of over draft I said you know a over draft an she said come in her ofice so I went in her ofice and she said now is your problem itold her that I tried to make a nine doller withdrawal and the lady told me I had a nine doller -15.00doller bAL this day is 5-1 -12. The sater day befor I checked my bAL and had nine dollers and she pulld a howel list of chicks written on the 24th and told. Me imwriting to many checks so I said what and she. Showed me her moniter I told her I don't write checks to wALmart I only write checks to my self and cash them at regions I only write them on Sunday becouse they cash them on Tuesday and she said no I wrte twinty on the 24th so I said let me see the dates and. They ALl said 24 th so I said then I told her agen than I only wrire checks on tuscALoosaSunday because. They. Get cashed on Tuesday. And she said I was geting to loud with here and I would hALf to stop. So I thought she was playing then she gotmad and said she asures me eavery things correct. Then I sat there and blincked counfused then said I had an idia is there a number I could cALl then she said you can cALl thw 1800 number then I said can I speak to a maniger and she said she is the maniger and I said if I cALl the1800 number id just speak to her and said is there some one above her and she said yea and procided to the door so I went to and in the loby she said I coud wate I'm here ofice I said no becouse I didn't feel safe so she gose in this big guys room closes the door and starts tolking to him then she opens the door and says he is reAL loud he will get loud he will get lude so so he comes out the ofice and cALls me in I offer to shake his hand and gret him and tell him helo I'm marshALl Gordon how are you then he said so what is your problem I told him about my bad withdrawal then he asks for my info then prints me a print out hands it to me and it said-15.00$ and I said that had to be a missunder standing you must have charged me twice for something then he checked my account and said well on the twinty six we charged you 74$ then we charged you twice on the twinty seventh then I said no that's not right then he said I was supuosto get a 174$credit to my account then I asked him were is that at I never got it then hesaid we did charge you two times on the 27 for the 26th and he dosent know about that so I said so you thell me you did charge me twice and he said yes but look its like this you can cALl that number but let me tell you at the end of the day the numbers are just lajit I sad no that's not right you can't do that that's bad buissness the he said at the end of the day the numbers are lajit isaid no well I ll just hALf to cALl the number then he said go ahead. But I can't let you get loud my branch then I got sceard and went to the doot to go out and he came after me and said come here giive me that paper I said that's mine then he snached at me so I. Went out the room and got to the middle of the loby and he yeALed get out my bank and started to come after me but. I was to far and he stoped and. Laghed and rourd have a nice day then it made me think how rude and I reacted in hastely and said no no you have a nice day I felt like a little kid ..

Offender: rigons checking
Country: USA   State: All USA
Site: rigons.com

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