Bank of America
They avoid my calls and they never answer my calls

My odessey started with an ill-advised mortgage refinance through Countrywide 5 years ago. Three years ago Bank of America “assumed” that loan and the nightmares began. Unfortunately about that same time my business was victimized by an individual that embezzeled a significant amount of money from me. I have since had wages garnished from my current job for the last 18 months, which has put a strain on making my mortgage payments as timely as I would prefer, but I have made them nonetheless.

The most I have been behind has been 33 days, but you would think from the 5-6 calls per day starting from the day after a payment is due that I were 33 months in arrears. I don’t know how to stop the harrassment. I have called them directly and given them specific dates as to when I would make a payment, but still they call each following day. I have updated my account on the website and still the calls continue. There seems to be no depth to which these inconsiderate heathens will not stoop to get money to pay for their past bad deeds.

They illegally foreclose on thousands of homeowners and get fined 10.8 million dollars, and then the federal government bails them out and now we, the honest and once again vicitmized public are being harrased to the point of public humiliation and health risks to bail them out yet again!!!

I received the homeowner modification packet to hopefully get a better mortgage rate on my home. Me and my wife have been unable to work for the past 5 years. I started this process 3 months ago to no avail. They transfer me to 5 different people every time I call. My case is easy because I have no pay stubs or income for the past 5 years . We’ve been living off of the help of our kids. I faxed them all required paperwork and 3 weeks later they told me they never got it and that I need to fax it again???

Im seriously concerned as to what is going on. They avoid my calls and they never answer my calls. Any good lawyers out there contact me. I see im not the only one experiencing what the bank is trying to do. Why say you are going to help people when what you really want to do is send foreclosure notices. Smart ploy by the bank and we shouldn’t let them get away with this. I am willing to communicate with other people with the same issue. Proper authorities need to be made aware.

Can somebody PLEASE tell me why we have a congress and house of representatives that allow this sort of treatment of its citizens to take place and still smile as they raise a glass to toast these same CEOs that are paying themselves millions of dollars in “BONUSES” at financial insitutions like BofA because they brought our country back from the brink of finanacial ruin? Are you kidding me? Is anyone but the financial insitution executives better off from this BS bail out? Enough is enough Bank of America!!!

You’re getting you EFFIN money from me, leave me alone already! Oh, and by the way, why don’t you produce the original loan documents while you’re at it.

Offender: Bank of America
Country: USA   State: All USA

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