cash america usa
Loan not paid, they said

I received several phone calls with a 911 number listed. I did not answer. I received one a day later that showed Emergency so I answered. A middle Eastern man was on the line. The static was so bad, and he was talking so fast I could only catch half of it. He told me that he was calling on behalf of Cash America USA and I owed $566.00 for a loan that I did not pay. I was being charged with several charges for not paying the loan and an arrest warrant would be issued if I did not pay the bill. He gave me a case #, told me I could be put in jail for 2 years and pay court cost of $12, 000.00 if I did not pay the money. I tried to find out more about what he was telling me and he just kept hollering that I needed to pay something or they would arrest me. I asked his name and he said Steven Jones. I said, you are Steven Jones, he said "firm"??? I was so scared, since I could not half understand him and did not know of a loan that I owed to Cash America. I called my lawyer and gave them the information and they told me it was a scam and not to give him any information or submit a payment. Cash America should be liable for all the grief this caused and should be trying to catch these people.

Offender: cash america usa
Country: USA   State: Florida

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