Quicken Loans
Refi Mortage

Three yrs ago refi with Quicken, decided to refs again to lower rate with short term.

I was only shopping for rates and closing fees when I called Quiicken.

The aggressive behavior of the first sales person turned me off and I decided that

I would call again at a later time for a more professional individual. When I call back I did get a fairly professanl gentleman but learned fast that he was overly agressive.

All I asked of him is to provide with the best product they had to offer. With that

I decided that I would continue to search for another lender. I went to my local bank and spoke face to face with the lender whom by the way is our current mortgage holder.

I allowed him to run my credit report to my Shock and Anger it showed that quicken took it upon themselves to run my credit report not just once but 6x. The lender said that if I didn't have such Excellent credit that could of hurt my qualification for a refi.The next day I Qucken loans and spoke to a "Customer care representative", This guy was as arrogant and ignorant as to my objection to them running a report Without my written consent. He claimed that " I spoke on the phone with the loan officer long enough which led them to believe that I wanted to run a report" What a outright LIE!

If I allowed it why wild I be calling back upset!!! The manage r said that he was not removing the inquires from my report. I am now filing with the Better Busniness Bureau and will proceed to prosecute under the RESPA laws and 'Fair Credit Reporting Act' which are there to protect consumers from such awful loan companies like Quicken Loans. They should be out out of business.

I have been In the Real Estate business for 18 years and never have I seen such arrogance and ignorance. If you are shopping for a mortgage go face to face with a local bank.

Offender: Quicken Loans
Country: USA   State: Michigan   City: Detroit
Site: quickenloans.com

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