Platinum Trust Card
$89 fee that's NOT refundable...??

BEWARE!!! Fraudulent, Scam, No Customer Service or Satisfaction, Sells garbage/crap on THEIR credit account, claims to increase credit score after bankruptcy but charges an $89 fee and then $19 monthly fee...

Platinum Trust Card is a scam and its employees are frauds with no customer service skills!!! They place a call to people who have applied for payday loans and present their product as a credit card. Not fully explaining that this card is only applicable to their website of goods. I mistakenly approved the account while speaking with Alberto, in which I wasn't able to hear all of the conversation because of a bad phone connection. I constantly asked questions but got pieces and parts and felt that it was a little sketchy but I want to do what I can to improve my credit. Within an hour of approving over the phone, I researched the company online and decided that I didn't need the account and that the items they were offering were garbage and outrageously priced!! 25 laptop batteries for $1300????!!! I immediately typed up an email letter stating that I was not interested in the account and that I wanted an immediate cancellation and a refund of the $89 fee. Being that this particular office is on the east coast, of course their "offices" were closed. I felt that I made a well-meaning and intentional effort to stop this account from progressing as I also called at 8am PST on the following Monday to speak with a representative about canceling. I was told that I wouldn't be able to get my fee reimbursed, so I asked for the manager. He/She wasn't available but that I would need to call back in 24 hours as they would forward my request to the "finance manager". I called the following day at 8am again and was told that the "finance manager" would be calling me back at 4pm EST. which was 1pm PST. Two days passed and I recieved no call. I called once again this morning and told he was on the phone and that he would be calling me in ten minutes. I recieved a phone call back from a person by the name of "Derek". He read out loud to me the list of events that occurred regarding my account, dates, times, etc...He said he had listened to the TAPED conversations and that I had agreed to this account. I let him know that I made an attempt to cancel within a couple hours of agreeing to the account as "it wasn't the kind of account I needed at this time", and he basically said too bad and continued to try to explain what this "wonderful" account could do for me. I continued to say that it was NOT what I wanted for myself and my financial situation and he finally got irritated enough to cut me off and say "fine, your account is canceled as of right now and you won't be hearing from us ever again". I stated that many companies have customer satisfaction goals and that he would not be making ANY customers happy and satisfied with the scam that he had going. He claimed it was not a scam and that I could "look up the word scam in the dictionary and that I would see this is in NO way a scam!" I said I wanted my $89 reimbursed and he said that won't be happening. RUDE!! SCAM!! FRAUDULENT!! NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!! OR SATISFACTION!!!

I will be logging a complaint with the Oregon Attorney Generals office against this company for fraudulent practices.

Offender: Platinum Trust Card
Country: USA   State: Oregon

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