National Enterprise Systems

This morning, a little after 8:00am a phone call was placed to my cellphone from a representative of National Enterprise Systems named Kevin McCoy saying that my Social Security number had been flagged and that I was under investigation. I called him back He informed me that Bank of America is going to sue me for "malicious" use of a credit card I stopped paying. He informed me that they, B of A, can prove that I maxed out my credit card with intent of not paying it ever. I am aware I made mistakes but a threatening phone call is the last thing anyone in my situation needs. But the point of my complaint is that Mr. McCoy mentioned National Enterprise's affiliation with the IRS. Some how I doubt that the IRS is involved with a collections agency. Isn't that illegal? He also threatened that within the next week I would be in court and that I would have to put my house up to make bail. He said that I needed to hire an attorney unless I wanted to put up some of my personal property to pay off the court fees. He also said that he was calling to give me one last chance to pay my debt of 9000 dollars. He asked me if I wanted to make the payment over the phone with another credit card. I said I didn't have a credit card to put it on. Then he asked if I had a family member that can lend me the money or to find a way to get the money . He said today was my last chance to make any payment before legal action took place. He kept asking me if I was refusing to pay and I said no I just didn't know how or what to do and after threatening me some more with legal action he said good luck and hung up on me. I don't know what kind of training these employees of National enterprise recieve but Mr. McCoy is rude and nasty. And from all the other complaints I've read, he's appearantly a liar as well.

Offender: National Enterprise Systems
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Lehigh Acres

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