Lincare representative insisted c-pap had no out of pocket expenses, and deductible was being waived. about six months later, i began receiving bills, then phone calls. when i talked to corporate customer service, and told them of the local conversations about deductible waivers, no out of pocket expenses, etc. and that i was not paying the bills, felt like i had intentionally been deceived regarding cost and that they were to come and get the machine, i was told that they would immediately stop billing and send someone out to get machine. i told them i was calling my insurance company (bcbs) and telling them not to pay another dime, and to get the machine. Didn't hear anything for a few months, and then billing and calls continued, and still, no one came to get the machine. Then six months later, the bill jumped from $311 to over $800. They HAD stopped billing the insurance company, but continued to bill me (but now, instead of 20%, the full 100% even though I had insurance coverage). I guess they didn't want BCBS to find out about their deceptive and fraudulent practices so they just stopped billing them. These people should be ashamed. They will tell you whatever you want to hear, just to leave their equipment with you. Then, they lay low for a while, let the expenses accumulate, and then start hitting you with bills. It's such a shame and I hate that they are praying on the sick and elderly. I'm filing with the BBB (of which they aren't members, of course), and intend to notify the Attorney General and Consumer Affairs. Be very wary. It's not uncommon for medical supply company's to assume deductibles of durable equipment (I have a friend who sells expensive custom wheel chairs $40, 000 ), but this company appears to have a disconnect with what their representatives are doing and the insurance company and their billing department. I told them almost a year ago to get this unit out of my house and it's still here and they are still billing me for it. Be very careful of this company!

Offender: Lincare
Country: USA   State: Tennessee   City: Bartlett

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