Holsted Jewlers
Taking unauthorized $ out of my checking account

I received a card in the mail from Collections Etc. telling me to call for a FREE Valentin's Day Gift thanking me for shopping with them. All i had to do was call the number for details, which i did. I was told i would be sent a ring and all it would cost me was $6.99 for shipping and handling. The money was deducted out of my account on 3-1-2011.I was happy with the ring i was sent. On 3-29-2011 I discovered my checking account had been debited $56.98 UNAUTHORIZED! I called Holsted Jewlers and the rep told me they were sending me another peice of jewlery as they would do monthly. I TOLD THEM THIS WAS NOT TOLD TO ME WHEN I CALLED ABOUT MY FREE OFFER AND I DID NOT WANT ANYTHING ELSE SENT TO ME ESPECIALLY DEBITED OUT OF MY ACCOUNT! I was told the jewlery was on its way to me and send it back when received and i would not be charged or sent anything else in the future. I told them it was fraudulent of them to take money out of my account without neither MY WRITTEN OR VERBAL CONCENT AND I HAD THE $56.98 accounted for in my available balance and would be short now causing me possible late payments on a bill and/or overdraft charges on my account. I EXPRESSED THE URGENCY OF THEM CREDITING THE MONEY BACK TO MY ACCOUNT ASAP!! I was told it would take two weeks. I ALSO TOLD THE REP IT WAS ILLEGAL TO TAKE MONEY FROM ME WHEN I HADN'T EVEN RECEIVED ANY MERCHANDISE TO OFFSET THE MONEY . It has been 19 days now and i have not received a credit back into my account. My bank credited my account the $56.98 on 3-31-2011 while awaiting a credit from Holsted Jewlers. I am on a limited time frame now from my bank to prove this is a scam. I have brought up several legitamate web sites on this company with hundreds of people commenting on how they have been scamed and had their money taken unauthorized. I have tried unsuccessfully to print out the articles and complaints on this company'S WEB SITE TO GIVE TO MY BANK AND IT DOESN'T SURPRISE ME THAT WHEN PRINTING OUT THE PAGES THE COMMENTS AND SCAM ARTICLES DO NOT PRINT.IS THERE SOMEONE THAT CAN HELP ME PRINT THE INFO I NEED ON THE COMMENTS AND SCAM HOLSTED JEWERY IS NOW FAMOUS FOR!?I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY HELP I CAN GET.DEBBIE AND

Offender: Holsted Jewlers
Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: Sparks
Site: dallasmomdand@gmail.com

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