Green Tree Mobile Home Financing
Not Customer Friendly - RUDE DUDES

Green Tree has a lot of folks locked into High Interest Rate Loans for their mobile homes and REFUSES to re-negotiate the rates or terms. THEY ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE and do not care what the circumstances are. Talking about BailOuts, How about Having someone Re-Org Green Tree to lower these Double Digit Loan Rates to something that's more favorable to householders who have been bled over the years paying rates higher than a lot of credit cards for a mortgage note balance that never seems to go lower. The bulk of payment goes on interest while little of nothing is left going on principle. When a few days go by You WILL GET CALLED even though due payment is within GAAP.

GREEN TREE would rather sell off your home to an Stranger for pennies on the dollar then Bill back the HIGH BALANCE to You to SALLY UP YOUR CREDIT than assist in good faith to work with Customers to keep their homes (which they overpay for multiple times with Interest Payments). STAY AWAY FROM GREEN TREE UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET VERY UPSET WITH CUT THROAT TACTICS FROM AN HEARTLESS COMPANY!!!

Offender: Green Tree Mobile Home Financing
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Dallas

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