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Unauthorized billing

Like many other previous postings, I got the 'free' CD, and then was charged $75.13 to my credit card for the Grant Funding Research membership fee. I have been working with my bank to get the charges reversed. I have sent several unanswered emails, made calls that were sent to third party businesses, and got no cooperation, in general, from these people when I canceled my account in mid February. I finally got my membership canceled by phone on Feb 18th.

Imagine my surprise when I called them again (the toll free number) to get confirmation of my cancellation date for the bank paperwork, and they informed me that I canceled my membership via email on March 4th! They claim to have no record of my phone calls and my request for membership cancellation. We also argued over the length of the trial period. I understood it was for 30 days, they said it was for 7. By the way, I got no email or phone confirmation that my account was canceled, and there would be no refund.

I went back to my credit card statement, and found a different phone number attached to the Grant Funding Research charge. It was a local (Minneapolis suburb) number: 1-952-908-4112. This was a 3rd party billing agency that took care of GFR customers. A very nice man named Gerardo at ext 5711 told me that the GFR people had never contacted them about my cancellation, and that I was still listed as an active member. In fact, I was due to be charged another $75.13 tomorrow! That's when the horror struck! That fee was a monthly fee, and not an annual one! He said he would go ahead and stop the billing immediately, and process a refund for my bank. I hope I can believe him.

I also read in a previous posting that someone was charged for services to 'IWB', and 'Independent Wealth Building' service after signing up for the GFR membership. So was I. I just never made the connection before. My credit card account was billed twice at $29.95 a shot. At least now I know where it came from. I will now be going after them to get my money back. Isn't it time for someone to file a class action lawsuit against these people? They are predators and need to be stopped. If ever there was a system that was set up to rip off people, this is it. If you want your money back, good luck, and keep fighting.

Offender: Grant funding Research
Country: USA   State: All USA

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