ACN complaint
ACN Regional Director Mack Ao ,COLLECT THE MONEY from the customers ILLEGALLY!!

We would like to complaint ACN Direct Selling Company

Regional Director Mack Ao, he makes profit on the wireless corporate discount from the wireless customers who are not working for those qualified discounts.He is using faked bank employees' identity to get the corporate discount from the wireless company, He charges wireless customers $30 in cash for applying those discount as his personal earning. We have all the emails sent from him and some clients apply emails.

ACN Networking Marketing Company-

Regional Director Mack Ao, COLLECT THE MONEY from the customers ILLEGALLY!!

In the period of 2008 to 2011 (present), Regional Director Mack Ao Representative of ACN Networking Marketing Company, has been collecting an amount of $20 -$30 fee in cash from each phone clients' accounts (including his own downline distributors (a few thousands distributors) and clients, in return, Mack Ao made promised to give up to 20% discount of their monthly phone bills, this promise has been announced over the internet and delivered to his clients, Mack has collect such fees for approximately up to100 accounts each month since2008(around up to $3000 in cash each month has been deposit into Mack Ao's own bank account). Until now, many customers who paid $20-$30 cash to Mack Ao, has never received any discount benefits in their phone bills, most sufferer had made multiple attempts to Mack through phones and emails, and never could get a hold of Mack. In addition, Mack has add on extra and unnecessary cost to clients’ phone bills; therefore, in behalf of Consumers, receiving such a fraudulent conduct from Mack Ao, we require the cooperation of ACN Company, to file an investigation of this fraudulent conduct of Mack Ao, so to prohibit such an unacceptable behavior of Company Representative. As consumers, we need anacceptable and fair solution from ACN Company. Thank you for your time and understanding, we are greatly appreciating that! We attached the email sent via Mack Ao regarding his illegal behavior. This is a scam about the truth of ACN.

Offender: ACN complaint
Country: USA   State: Maryland

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