USPS in Irving, Texas
Brain dead postal employee

The USPS wonders WHY people hate them as much as they do the police!!! Geez, I dont know...hire some workers that have ACTUAL WORKING BRAINS!!!

I come home today and open my mailbox (one of those small apartment ones) to find this LARGE package CRAMMED in there that I cannot get out!! And we have large postal boxes available in our mailroom at the apartments for large packages...but this MORON CRAMS this package into the SMALL mailbox.

Now Im gonna have to spend two days trying to get somebody on the damned phone at the post office to get this freeking retard to come out and open up the mailboxes and get it out and put it in a LARGE box like he was supposed too!

No wonder people hate them. Not ONE working brain cell!!!

Offender: USPS in Irving, Texas
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Irving

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