Fraudulent VA Home Loan - Mortgage Fraud
Forgery, Fraud Credit Reporting, Fraudulent Foreclosure

In 2006, my wife and I decided to use my VA Home Loan benefit and approached our then bank, BANK OF AMERICA. We decided we would speak to Keith Perry, then, the branch manager in Muskogee, OK. We simply asked Mr. Perry whether BANK OF AMERICA was able to fund VA Home Loans. He said yes and that he knew "just the man" we should talk to. He advised that he would have a Mr. JACK FELTS contact us to scedule an appointment. We did receive a call from JACK FELTS and made a date to meet. Both of us being FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS, we were entirely dependant upon BANK OF AMERICA for guidance and instruction. At the 20 minute meeting with JACK FELTS, we were reasured by JACK FELTS that BANK OF AMERICA did in fact have our best interests in mind. Particularly due to "our long history together." We both must have been druggged, blinded or had gone temporarily INSANE to actually believe that GARBAGE. None of the paperwork he had only me sign, was completed. JACK FELTS explained that we would meet again at which time; all paperwork would be completed and copies available for us to keep. He explained that (THIS IS NOT A JOKE!) all of the BANK OF AMERICA printers at the MUSKOGEE OKLAHOMA location were either broken or out of ink. Also, JACK FELTS informed us that this BANK OF AMERICA branch had RUN OUT OF PRINTER PAPER. He was able to make two PARTIAL COPIES of what, we still do not know or understand. He ASSURED us that my low credit rating of 540 would NOT BE A PROBLEM. We gave him 340.00 in cash for some inspection. (Whihc was never done and money NEVER RETURNED). This concluded what was to be our ONE & ONLY meeting with JACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA and the first and last time we would EVER SEE JACK FELTS. The next few months were a nightmarish roller-coaster ride of emtional extreme lows and extreme highs. All of which were being controlled by BANK OF AMERICA, JACK FELTS & HARLAND PEASLEE. We never met this HARLAND PEASLEE, but did receive a letter from him a few months after our ONE & ONLY meeting with JACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA . PEASLEE explained that we DID NOT QUALIFY and we WOULD NOT QUALIFY unless and until we cleaned up my credit. I had a defaulted GOVERNMENT BACKED STUDENT LOAN, which I not only informed JACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA of, but I provided all the documents to date regarding the DEFAULTED GOERNMENT BACKED STUDENT LOAN. Also, I provided a letter from my Congressman that stated the Department of Education was CONSIDERING a dismissal of the DEFAULTED GOVERNMENT BACKED STUDENT LOAN since I am a 100% Service Connected - Totally & Permanently Disabled American Veteran. (That was 2006, it is 04-17-11 as I write this and the DEFAULTED GOVERNMENT BACKED STUDENT LOAN is STILL BEING CONSIDERED but not released. ) We went from phone calls from JACK FELTS, BANK OF AMERICA - stating "GOOD NEWS! YOU HAVE BEEN APPROVED!" To phone calls and letters from HARLAND PEASLEE stating, "I do not know this JACK FELTS person, but I AND ONLY I can approve you for this loan and as of now, YOU DO NOT QUALIFY!" After many failed attempts to reachJACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA, I informed the person answering the phone for BANK OF AMERICA that if JACK FELTS did not call me back in the next 24 hours, they could shove the loan up their collective asses! Well, JACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA suddenly had time to call back! We informed JACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA of this news we had received from HARLAND PEASLEE, to which JACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA replied; "Don't worry about PEASLEE, I will handle him." Like MAGIC!, all communications from and with one HARLAND PEASLEE BANK OF AMERICA CHARLOTTE, ceased. We were given a closing date by JACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA once again to "get ready to move." I asked JACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA what I should do with the BRAND NEW PAID IN FULL - FREE & CLEAR mobil home I had PAID CASH for in 2005. He replied; "Well, it would look nice for US, if YOU sold it for the highest price YOU can get and then deposit that into YOUR existing BANK OF AMERICA Money Market Account." So, since, for whatever insane reason, I still trusted JACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA and I did exactly that. I listed the MH in the paper and it sold in a weeks time. However, the closing date given us by .JACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA, came and went. No phone call warning us of this, no letter - NOTHING from JACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA. Luckily, the man I sold this BRAND NEW PAID IN FULL MH to was a decent and kind person and agreed to let us remain in the home for 30 days. We informed JACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA of our new situation and he said; "DAMN! I did not tell you to sell it THAT quickly!" Asked about a closing date, JACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA replied; "Well, there are some issuess I am clearing and I really can't say right now." Thirty days came and went, we moved into our Van and began our life in the street. Our emotional state worsened and it seemed that we had just destroyed our lives with no chance of rebuilding, much worse, not really feeling up to the task. We were down, no fight left. Days blurred into months and we were sure we would never hear from JACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA ever again. But we did. He called and informed us; "Congratulations! You are going to close next week! Just bring 1000.00 cash and the property is all yours!" Nightmare rerun begins. More money, more time and more anguish; we decided to HELL with it and began to move to a weekly rental motel room. We sold off those belongings that would not fit into the now downsized (to save money) storage unit, sold my inherited coin collection for 1/4 the estimated value (to get that 1000.00!) and waited for whatever was to come. What came was a Friday evening phone call from a woman we never met nor heard of; CHRYSTAL HENSON of METRO TITLE & ABSTRACT COMPANY in WAGONER OKLAHOMA. She explained that HOME FOCUS (whom we had been told all this time, would be doing the closing) was NOT handleing closing. She explained that SHE was and we needed to be in her office the following MONDAY with NINE HUNDRED MORE DOLLARS. I instructed my wife to tell CHRYSTAL HENSON of METRO TITLE & ABSTRACT COMPANY in WAGONER OKLAHOMA, to just keep our five hundred earnest and ALL GO TO HELL! Further, I would NOT hand over any more CASH unless I could be guaraunteed that it would go towards PRINCIPLE BALANCE REDUCTION ONLY. She advised my wife that indeed it would. Well, things began to look up! WRONG!!! So much went and remains wrong, I will at this time simply list a few of the worst:

1. JACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA never showed at this purported closing. He literally PHONED IT IN!

2. We arrived at METRO TITLE & ABSTRACT COMPANY in WAGONER OKLAHOMA at 0900 hours and were on our way to our new life of a constantly increasing HELLISH NIGHTMARE SCENE! ( I was certain that Rod Serling would appear from behind a tree and welcome us to the TWILGHT ZONE!) at 1415 hours.

3. My wife was separated from me at the SHAM CLOSING and NOT ALLOWED to view anything I was to sign.

4. Closing documents, for the most part (90 PERCENT) were incomplete, misssing other signatures, stamps notaries etc..

5. I was NOT allowed to read any document in its entirity. It wa explained to me by CHRYSTAL HENSON of METRO TITLE & ABSTRACT COMPANY in WAGONER OKLAHOMA that JACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA, would be meeting with us in the next few weeks and he would have the paperwork, which would then be complete. Also, "You will have 3 MONTHS to examine the documents and if anything is out of order, you should be able to cancel the loan and receive your earnest money back." Funny, she never mentioned all the 1000.00 here, 900.00 there - payments I made!)

6. This one is a reall kick in the ass. THE PURPORTED SELLER DID NOT OWN THE PROPERTY! That is NOT a typo! JAMES H. MCDOUGAL is not listed ANYWEHER in the OFFICIAL COUNTY RECORD as being a previous owner of our property at anytime in the property's recorded history! He had his 59, 000.00 check and was off to CALIFORNIA, never to be seen again.

7. We were "buying" two lots. We discovered that both were and remain owned BY A RURAL WATER COMPANY! Also, the ORIGINAL OWNERS - STEVE JONES & HIS PARENTS had STOLEN one of the lots by having a cohort place a phony lien on an unowned lot due to "a 3000.00 loan" from said friend and cohort. This "loan" and subsequent lien were recorded by the COUNTY CLERK OF WAGONER COUNTY WAGONER OKLAHOMA - thereby effecting and completing the theft. TEVE JONES and COHORT merely showed up at the OFFICE OF THE COUNTY CLERK OF WAGONER COUNTY, WAGONER OKLAHOMA and happily announced and recorded that the LOAN HAD BEEN PAID - HALLELUAH! REMOVE THE LIEN! BAM! MAGIC AGAIN - STEVE JONES NOW OWNED A LOT NO ONE CLAIMED (They are claiming it now!)

8. JACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA had, with malice aforethought, falsely reported to the THREE MAJOR CREDIT BUREAUS several loans that I had, unbeknownst to me, obtained from BANK OF AMERICA. One the day after receiving the initial phone call from JACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA, for a HOME EQUITY LOAN! (I had no home in whihc I could have built equity!) Then the very day after the one and only meeting with JACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA, another loan from BANK OF AMERICA, a REFINANCE HOME LOAN! ( IHAD NO HOME TO REFINANCE!) Next, one month prior to the HAM DOG & PONY CLOSING, BANK OF AMERICA reported giving me a CONVENTIONAL HOME LOAN ! (Wish I had THAT house to live in!) You no doubt think this is a story, it is NOT. I have Credit Reports indicating all of this and MORE!

9. When I requested paperwork that was NOT given us at the SHAM DOG & PONY CLOSING, JACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA replied that "You have all the paperwork you need!" (It was at this time JACK FELTS BANK OF AMERICA began refusing our calls and never returned any as well)

10. Evidence now has been discovered that this SHAM VA HOME LOAN was NEVER a BANK OF AMERICA HOME LOAN - IT WAS A COUNTRY WIDE MORTGAGE!!! (We never heard of Country Wide until we saw them on the news getting busted for being crooks and when BANK OF AMERICA said, "Wow A sham mortgage servicer getting busted!! WE WNAT TO BUY IT!)

11. We requested documents on a near weekly basis, never recived any regarding property purportidly sold to us in Wagoner, OK. We did however receive paperwork and photos of properties in TEXAS & LOUISANNA that I guess we purchased with those SHAM LOANS we discovered.

12. WE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO PAY OFF THIS MORTGAGE, even if we manged to muster some of the amazing magical qualities of the forked tongue magicians at BANK OF AMERICA and paid it off, we would forever pay rent to therural water district! YES, RENT! (Our insurance agent was part of this scam as well. She sold us a RENTER'S POLICY! We never noticed that in the incomplete, illegible policy she sent us after 4 years of requesting it.)

13. BANK OF AMERICA paid our insurance agent FIVE TIMES! FIVE ANNUAL PREMIUMS FOR THE SAME YEAR OR COVERGAE PERIOD! This of course put us into arrears, and BANK OF AMERICA was ever so happy to threaten, chastise and continoussly harrass us night and day over this shortage that THEY CAUSED! When we finally figured it out and proved it to EACH AND EVERY DAMN LOACTION OF BANK OF AMERICA, EACH AND EVERY CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER HIRED BY BANK OF AMERICA. TO ANYTHNG AND ANYBODY THAT HAD BANK OF AMERICA PRINTED ON THEIR BUILDING OR PERON; were we able to become comfortably numb and extremely happy that our mortgage would remain in arrears for a mere 1.17 rather than THOUANDS! We were fast becoming full fledged SLAVES TO BANK OF AMERICA. SLAVERY THAT WOULD LAST A LIFETIME!

14. We missed ONE PAYMENT in July 09, we received a prompt letter from BANK OF AMERICA that they were CHOOSING TO ESCALATE FORECLOSURE! This letter, (we still have it) was mailed when the payment was not even a month past due!

I have grown weary of writing this. BANK OF AMERICA is made up of crooks, confidence men and professional book cookers; I would advise all to stay away. As for us, well; how much longer co we have left to live anyway?

Offender: Fraudulent VA Home Loan - Mortgage Fraud
Country: USA   State: Oklahoma   City: Wagoner

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